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Need drain repair services? Drain City provides 24/7 commercial and residential plumbing services throughout Toronto. Fully licensed. Get free estimate. For more details Log on


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ADVANTAGES OF PIPE BURSTING PULLING DEVICE PIPE FRAGMENTS ORIGINAL PIPE NEW PIPE EXPANDER if used BURSTING HEAD CABLE CHAIN OR ROD TRENCHLESS Pipe bursting requires very little excavation. Meaning your yard can mostly stay in tact while the new pipe is installed. Older pipe repair methods required a pit to be dug through the whole yard to expose the pipe. BRAND NEW PIPE Pipe bursting provides the assurance that you have a brand new undamaged pipe So you won’t have to doubt if old damages will come back to haunt you. MORE AFFORDABLE Pipe bursting is more affordable than a lot other pipe repair methods because it only requires a small amount of labor compared to other jobs. Drain City Plumbers 1096 Barmac Dr. Toronto ON M9L 2X3 PH: 416 749-1800

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