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  6 COMMON PLUMBING ISSUES … and what to do when they arise www.draincity.com

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www.draincity.com The plumbing system in your house is a complex series of pipes, drains and tubing which delivers and expels water where necessary.

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www.draincity.com Leaking pipes Facts: This is usually caused by an aging plumbing system Ensure that drain connections are tight and beware of hot water pipes Repairs should be completed by a licensed plumbing professional

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www.draincity.com Dripping faucets Facts: You should not need to use a lot of force to fully shut off the water If dripping persists, remove the faucet and check for damage to components If it still drips, you may need to replace the faucet or call a plumber.

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www.draincity.com No hot water Facts: If you have a gas water heater, make sure your pilot light is lit Check the temperature setting to ensure that the water is hot enough You may need a larger water tank if you are living with more than one family.

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www.draincity.com Clogged drain Facts: Avoid pouring oils and lathing food crumbs full down If clogged, use a common plunger to try to de- clog the sink. Try to avoid using chemical de- cloggers If all else fails, call your plumber.

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www.draincity.com Running toilet Facts: Lift up your toilets near cover and in sped the flapper to see if it is falling in place Press down the flash and release it again to test the mechanics of the toilet If you are still having trouble. Call your plumber.

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www.draincity.com Smelly Drains Facts: Smelly drains are caused by buildup of food par tides Pouring degreaser such as dishwashing liquid down drain and then missing with hot water can help to clear the buildup baking soda and vinegar can help If the problem persists, call your plumber.

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Drain City Plumbers 1096 Barmac Dr. Toronto, ON, M9L 2X3 PH: (416) 749-1800

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