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Slide 2: BASEMENT When the basement is flooded, the main leak is not always located in the basement also . It can be on other parts at your house. Unfortunately it is impossible for us to detect where it is.

Slide 3: BILL IS TOO HIGH The plumber hits you with a very high cost after the repairing and somehow it is not reasonable. For avoiding this matter, you must ask the plumber the estimation of cost to pay . Commonly, it cannot be determined at the beginning but at least you have to know the money to be prepared.

Slide 4: UNLICENSED PLUMBER The plumber may not have license. actually, if there is no problem after the repairing. It is no matter whether the plumber is licensed or not . However, it is much better to save the contact of the more trusted and reputable plumber to avoid any risks.

Slide 5: NEW LEAK Have you experienced this one, there is a leak and then a plumber fix it but then another leak is detected and even worse ? It should be a lesson as well in which you must choose a plumber that offers guarantee services. Therefore you may need to pay for the next damage.

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Drain City Plumbers 1096 Barmac Dr. Toronto, ON, M9L 2X3 PH: (416) 749-1800

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