What have you learned from your audience feedback

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What have you learned from your audience feedback?:

What have you learned from your audience feedback ? Click the audio to listen to my feedback

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When conducting research for our film trailer, we set out a series of surveys for audience members to answer. This included elements such as: the expectations of genre, character representation and general questions on trailers. We decided to ask our audience as it was an efficient way of getting a variety of responses which could have a major impact on our final trailer.

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Our first survey was an examination of what people expected from a movie which was of the Romantic-Thriller genre. Although this is not a common hybrid of genres, we believed by questioning people’s views it would be a resourceful way of achieving the results we desired. The first question evaluated people’s private thoughts of the genre hybrid: “Do you agree that romance adds a positive complex element to a thriller?” Exactly half of our audience members answered yes, while the others answered no. While we assumed that the genre would be controversial, we did decide to pursue it as it created “more of a twist”. Following this we also decided to question what the most important aspect to be portrayed in a thriller trailer is. Although the option of ‘romance’ was available, most opted for the theme of suspicion while action was also a popular element.

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We also decided to question, in a further survey, what people expect from the way characters are represented. We asked a random selection of individuals their opinions on character representation to collect a valid overall reaction as to what an audience expects from a film. In this conducted research we asked whether the status of an actor or actress’ fame would affect the viewing pleasures of a movie. Although we expected this not to matter as much, we were surprised in our findings as 60% of the audience we surveyed did agree that it mattered. In our findings we also were slightly astounded at how important mise-en-scene was to a representation of a character as 90% of people agreed that it would massively help in the appeal of a character.

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Following this, we surveyed general questions on trailers such as if the length of a trailer affects the appeal of the viewing and if it is more effective or not. We found that there was a major increase of desire to see the film if the trailer was longer as it gives the audience a better idea of what the film is about and if they would want to view the full feature-length film or not. However, 30% still agreed that a trailer should be short and to the point as it gives a mysterious atmosphere to the movie.