Tripping on Magic Mushrooms or Magic Truffles

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Tripping on magic truffles or magic mushrooms is a marvellous experience.However,tripping is not something to be taken lightly. Medium or high tripping doses can even be psychologically destructive when being taken by the wrong person. But also for the right person at the wrong moment, in the wrong setting.


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WHAT KIND OF TRIPPER ARE YOU? “Tripping on M agic T ruffles or Magic M ushrooms ”


A trip on  magic truffles or   magic mushrooms  is a very individual experience. The effect of the Magic Truffles starts about 20 to 60 minutes after ingestion, though sometimes the first effects are already noticeable after 10 minutes. The psychedelic journey will last between three and six hours after which it gradually fades. The first three to four hours are the most intense ones. Psilocybin and psilocin-experiences are usually colorful and full of visions.


Primarily we can distinguish 5 types of magic truffle users. Perhaps you will recognize yourself in one of them. The examiner: Examiners are mostly young people of a curious nature, who want to experiment with different experiences. For some of them drugs are a good way to start conversations, they are interesting to talk about and fascinate everyone. Young people are less likely to use drugs to ease the trauma and pain of unsatisfactory relations, or in case of physical and emotional abuse, as a consequence of an unhappy childhood. 2 1 The socializer: These people like to be in the company of peers in a pleasant and quiet surrounding, to share their thoughts and insights about philosophical subjects, such as equanimity, enlightenment and wisdom. 3 The party-tripper: Magic mushrooms, magic truffles and psychedelics are used at parties. Mainly Psy -trance and Goa have roots that go all the way back to the province of Goa in India. The music is characterized by the use of a driving 4/4 or 3/3 beat and a trance-inducing melody by different effects, contributing to the mystic state of the listener.


4 The home tripper: Home trippers usually are people with more experience, who do a medium trip to gain new insights and to listen to in-depth music and have an attention consuming, yet relaxing, evening at home. 5 The Psychonaut : An archaic modern drug user who uses entheogen intends to get into changing mental states, to gain deeper insights and spiritual experiences. I consider myself a Psychonaut after years of use, while in the beginning I was an examiner.


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