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Magazine research:

Magazine research Charlie Walpole


This masthead is a sharp red colour to make it stand out from the dark background. It is in the largest font and positioned at the top of the page as it is the name of the magazine. The cover line is the title of one of the major movies that the magazine will be reviewing. It is in the largest typeface and is using the white colour of the smoke, pulled out from the base image . Secondary images show pictures of different articles that are featured in this issue. They are there to draw in audiences who might not have an interest in the main feature film. The base image shows the main protagonist of the featured film. It has been edited in order to be seen in layers both behind and in front of the text on the page. This plug shows what other films are included in the magazine . They only have two lines of large text, a phrase to draw the audience in. Some plugs also contain quotations taken from both cast interviews and the films themselves. The header bar shows the main featured film’s tagline. This creates a dramatic feel and result in the audience wanting to purchase the magazine to find out what the header bar is talking about. The bar code, price and date are requirements of all magazines and I will need to include one on my own magazine to give it a professional feel . The puffs show the magazine’s special feature as well as showing that it is a special anniversary edition.


This masthead is a light blue colour that matches certain parts of the rest of the magazine. It is positioned on a layer behind the subject and The cover line is the largest text on the cover besides the masthead. It shows the name of the featured film (Jason Bourne). The colour of the puffs and certain fonts match the masthead and the tint on Jason Bourne’s gun. A quotation has been used as the starring actor describes the film he is featured in. The bar code , price and date are missing from this cover preview but would be expect if this magazine was on a shop shelf. The header bar shows an ‘exclusive’ that can be found in the magazine. The base image shows the protagonist of the featured film. He is the most famous actor in the film and a recognisable figure for a potential audience. The secondary image is framed by the masthead and links to the header bar which has been placed to it. The multiple plugs show what the different articles in the magazine are focused on. The puff shows another behind the scenes feature of a highly anticipated film.


The date is shown above the masthead and the tagline is shown below . Little White Lies uses a simplified cover style for their magazine, usually using a different art style rather than normal photography. This creates an artistic interpretation of the main film, however it lacks most of the standard features of a magazine cover. The masthead is positioned in its usual style and position at the top of the cover. The bar code blends with the black and white colour scheme of the cover, making it less obvious and intrusive to the image. The base image is a artistic, black and white, pop-art style picture of Star Wars: Rogue One. It takes up the entire font cover of the magazine and lacks any colour beside black and white. The extremely small plugs show the featured film name. There are no secondary images , puffs , or header bars which means the entire focus of the cover remains on the art of the base image.

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