Representation and Character Types

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Representation and Character Types :

Representation and Character Types Charlie Walpole

Our Protagonist and Donor :

Our Protagonist and Donor We used Vladimir Propp’s character type theory when creating the characters in our production. Our protagonist is entirely pure and just. He has an honourable goal and never strays from his path. Our protagonist is a teenage boy who is presented as relatively innocent but able to adjust to circumstance and think on his feet. Our donor is a witness who has seen the monster before and assists the protagonist by sharing information. She meets our protagonist in London but, as a result of her fear of the monster, refuses to face it with him. Our donor is also young, however she wears slightly more formal clothes due to the city environment she is found in.

Our Antagonist and Victim :

Our Antagonist and Victim We used Propp’s theory of character types again when creating our antagonist. He is initially presented as wholly evil and has only evil intentions, however we developed this representation by subverting the story at the end of the film. The fact that the boy reaches out to the monster presents the idea that the being could be less evil than the audience is initially made to think. Our victim was also created using Propp’s theory. He does not put up a fight when the monster comes for him due to his innocence and lack of power compared to the supernatural being. At the end of the story, the character gains more power as he is allowed to make the decision as to who he wants to stay with. This means that the boy is no longer a victim but in control of his own fate.

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