Poster Planning and Development

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poster planning and development :

poster planning and development Charlie walpole

Survey questions :

Survey questions What should the base image of a thriller/mystery film poster show? A Main Character: 9 An action scene: 5 An interesting edit: 6 A famous location:0 How many images should be on a poster? 1: 12 2: 3 3: 3 4+: 2

Survey questions :

Survey questions What colours attract you to a poster? White: 8 Black: 6 Red: 2 Green:0 Blue: 2 Other: 2 How many different fonts would you expect to see on a film poster? 1: 10 2: 4 3: 4 4+: 2

Base image creation :

Base image creation I used a close-up photograph of our protagonist to create a surreal edit to use as a base image on our poster. The disintegration of the character link to the emotion turmoil that he experiences in the film.

Poster Drafts :

Poster Drafts

Final Poster :

Final Poster

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