Editing the monster hand clip

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Editing the monster hand clip :

Editing the monster hand clip Charlie Walpole

Clip analysis :

Clip analysis In order to create a more believable antagonist, we created a shot in which the audience sees the monster’s hand. This shot makes the threat of the monster seem very real as well as emphasises the danger that the characters are in.

Creating the shot :

Creating the shot We created this shot in Adobe After Effects CS6. We filmed our actors hand to use as a base clip, manipulating the lighting so that we only had the silhouette of the hand. I then added a PNG image of our monster’s hand onto a new Layer and positioned it over the top. To begin the animation process I key-framed the movement of the monster’s hand to enter the frame from above and move towards our actor’s hand. I then used a third-party plug-in to create an animation rig around the fingers of the hand. This allowed me to change the position of each finger independently of the rest of the image. I added small, subtle movements to each of the fingers in order to give a more realistic and natural-looking effect. We tried to make the effect look as professional as possible to increase the suspense and sense of danger in the trailer. I think that it is an effective shot which could be used as one of the last shots in the trailer so that the effect will stay with the audience even when the trailer is over. I am pleased with the outcome of the animation as I think that it adds production value to our trailer as well as improving the aesthetic.

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