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Genre Research :

Charlie Walpole Genre Research

Film genres :

Film genres Film genres are used to define film types based on storyline, style and archetypes of characters involved. Genres are used to group films and the genre of a film is usually displayed along with the name and age rating at the cinema to inform the audience. Common Film Genres Horror : Usually aimed at a more mature audience. Films feature supernatural elements and dark themes. They are designed to scare and frighten audiences. Action/Adventure : Action/Adventure films are usually more family and child friendly, depending on the storyline and intensity of any violence shown. The usually show a typical protagonist’s journey to defeat an evil opponent. Comedy : Designed to make people laugh. Usually basic storylines featuring relatable characters. Romance : Romance films are aimed at a predominantly female audience so they are usually shown from a female protagonist’s perspective. They include storylines based around the theme of love. Thriller : Thriller films sometimes include aspects of the action/adventure genre but the tension is produced through more subtle methods rather than huge visual stunts. Crime : Sometimes set in the early twentieth century, Crime films document both fictional and true-life

Our chosen genre :

Our chosen genre Our chosen genre is Thriller/Action Adventure. We chose this genre as our film’s conventions fit this type the most. Our film does not fit entirely in either the Thriller nor Action Adventure genres and as a result we cannot be classified as either exclusively. Thriller : The steadily building tension in our film and trailer fits the style of many thriller films. The mounting fear and sense of impending danger that the characters experience as the film progresses is a typical feature of films from the thriller genre. We use props, locations, and dialogue as tools to build suspense rather than big stunts of fight sequences which are more commonly seen in action films. Action Adventure : Action adventure is one of the most popular film genres. The storylines of action adventure films usually consist of a protagonist’s journey and struggle against an antagonist . Action adventure films put emphasis on aesthetics and action sequences and use basic, one-dimensional character types. Propp’s theory of character types can be applied easily to most action adventure films.

Examples of films matching our genre :

Examples of films matching our genre Dark Skies : Dark Skies is a Horror/Thriller which also uses elements from the sci-fi genre. Released in 2013, Dark Skies tells the story of a family who has been chosen for abduction by alien beings. E.T : E.T is a classic Science-Fiction/Action Adventure film directed by Steven Spielberg. It uses the theme of friendship and innocence to tell the story of a friendly alien’s journey to ‘phone home’ and return to his original planet. Super 8 : Super 8 is a 2011 Fantasy/Thriller film directed by JJ Abrams. It follows a group of children who, while making an amateur zombie film, capture a train derailment and the subsequent escape of the monster which was being held within. Attack the Block : Attack the Block is a British science fiction thriller comedy film directed by Joe Cornish. It follows the story of the alien invasion of a council estate in South London.

Evaluation of our genre conventions :

Evaluation of our genre conventions Our production fits into both the thriller and the action adventure genres. We have used developed characters as our teenage protagonist is younger than the conventional hero and as a result must work harder to find his brother without the privileges that come with being an adult. Use of developed characters is a feature of the thriller genre. We have featured some action sequences as well as a physical and emotional journey in the pitch of our film. These are typical features of the action adventure genre. The use of an largely unseen antagonist causes most of the tension in our film to come from the protagonist’s discoveries as well as the dialogue that is featured in certain scenes. This is a typical feature of the thriller genre.

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