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Lady Ada Lovelace: 

Lady Ada Lovelace Augusta Ada Bryon, Countess of Lovelace computer pioneer 1815-1852

Who Was Ada?: 

Who Was Ada? enchantress of numbers prophet of the computer age the world’s first hacker mother of computer revolution interpreter for Charles Babbage

Ada and Her Parents: 

Ada and Her Parents Mother, Anne Milbanke, amateur mathematician, 'Princess of Parallelograms' Father, Lord Bryon, poet 'temperamental, passionate, and somewhat crazed' Lord Bryon

Ada as a Child: 

Ada as a Child born early 1800s in England upper-class kid doing upper-class things mathematical aptitude recognized and encouraged by mom age 13 made plans for plane powered by steam

Ada as a Mathematician: 

Ada as a Mathematician 'analyst and metaphysician' age 17 befriended and mentored by Mary Somerville, mathematician age 19 married to William King (Earl of Lovelace), 3 kids age 26 studied advanced mathematics with De Morgan

Ada’s Relationship with Babbage: 

Ada’s Relationship with Babbage Charles Babbage Ada heard Babbage on Difference Machine at age 17 Ada immediately understood how it worked and saw potential Ada and Babbage wrote lots of correspondence on mathematics, logic, and life during 18-year friendship

Ada and the Analytical Engine: 

Ada and the Analytical Engine 1841 Babbage gives seminar on engine in Italy Babbage’s talk summarized and published in French by Menabrea, an Italian mathematician 1843, age 28 Ada translates work into English with her ' Notes ' Analytical Engine

Ada and Her Famous “Notes”: 

Ada and Her Famous 'Notes' considered by most to be first-ever computer program predicted future developments, including computer-generated music and graphics

In Ada’s Own Words...: 

In Ada’s Own Words... ' No one knows what power lies yet undeveloped in that wirey system of mine. '

Ada’s Other Work?: 

Ada’s Other Work? Ada aged 35 Ada regarded her Notes as her first mathematical publication But unable work due to: ill health barriers to women Died of cancer in 1852, age 36

Why Care About Ada?: 

Why Care About Ada? Considered by most to have written first computer program Anticipated multimedia use of computers Pushed beyond stereo-typical roles for women

Ada’s Legacy: 

Ada’s Legacy Ada software programming language The Ada Project The Augusta Lovelace Award others? Ada Programming Manual

Ada in Time: 

Ada in Time 1641 Blaise Pascal develops one of first calculating machine 1824 Babbage conceptualizes Analytical Engine 1843 Ada publishes translation with Notes 1931 Vannevar Bush of MIT builds first modern analog computer 1946 ENIAC, the first digital computer, is built 1974 Military proposal for common high-order computer language 1975 1st iteration language ‘Strawman’; 2nd Woodenman 1978 Winning language selected 1980 Language is named Ada, in honour of Ada Lovelace 1984 Ada is trademark of US Dept of Defense

What Impressed Me the Most: 

What Impressed Me the Most Her brilliance and ability to make intuitive leaps Her spirit and ability to persevere in a male world

Resources on Ada: 

Resources on Ada See handout for… Movie Books Web links Handout