10 Reasons Why You Need GIFs for Content Marketing


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In this SlideShare, you will find the 10 reason of using GIFs in your content marketing campaign. This SlideShare has been brought to you by Saba SEO (An Internet Marketing company in San Diego, CA) To know more about our SEO Services, visit our website: https://www.sabaseo.com/


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10 Reasons Why You Need GIFs for Content Marketing:

10 Reasons Why You Need G I F s for Content Marketing GIFs have been in popular demand for the past few years. They were first introduced in 1987 as a way to include moving images in online content. Today, GIFs and memes make up for some of the most successful marketing strategies. Here are 10 reasons why experts at Saba SEO believe that you need GIFs for content marketing.

1. Appealing and Effective:

1. Appealing and Effective GIFs are not only strikingly appealing; they are also very effective in communicating a message or evoking the desired response from readers. When used properly, the moving image can serve as a perfect call to action.

2. Consumable:

2 . Consumable GIFs are particularly easy to consume. This makes them very attractive for a brand. Every year, millions of these moving images are shared across social media platforms and generate traffic unlike any other marketing tool.

3. Culture:

3. Culture GIFs represent an important part of today’s internet-driven virtual culture. Even if they’re not adding to your brand value, they still give off the message that your business is up-to-speed with the latest trends.

4. Price:

4. Price The greatest advantage of GIFs is that they are better than images and cheaper than videos. Some of the leading experts and marketing gurus believe that GIFs will completely take over visual communication on internet over the next five years.

5. Responsive:

5. Responsive GIFs are mobile-friendly. Given Google’s “Mobilegeddon” upgrade, it pays to invest in responsive technologies to improve your search engine ranks. Uploading the GIF is easy and its auto loop feature helps in reinforcing your brand value.

6. Story Telling:

6. Story Telling GIFs play an important part in storytelling. This is one of the best ways to build a relationship with your readers and make an emotional appeal, while promoting your brand. Disney often posts GIFs on social media- and this is what makes it one of the most popular brands of all times.

7. Reeling:

7 . Reeling The basic purpose of GIF is to grab the reader’s attention and appeal to their emotions. In today’s fast-paced life, the average reader does not have enough time (or interest) to browse through thousands of words. Pictures and moving images are likely to answer all their questions and hook them on to your website.

8. Multiple Uses:

8 . Multiple Uses GIFs can be used anywhere and anytime. You can easily design a GIF and post it on your social media account. You can even use the same GIF on your website and on-page content. This makes GIF as the multi-platform solution to all your online marketing needs.

9. Stock:

9 . Stock There is an abundance of GIFs online. You may not even have to create your own custom moving picture. For instance, several GIFs capture movie scenes that perfectly describe your business or blog content. You can simply use these GIFs, instead of designing one yourself.

10. Saves Time:

10. Saves Time Consider two scenarios. You have a choice of writing a 2000-word blog post or a 500-word post with at least 2 GIFs. Which option would you choose? Given the fact that you’re more likely to lose your chain of thoughts and end up writing a verbose article that no one’s going to read in the first case, the second option is better. This helps you save time, which you can invest in exploring other marketing and branding ideas.

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