4 Gen-Y Social Media Trends for 2017


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4 Gen-Y Social Media Trends for 2017:

4 Gen-Y Social Media Trends for 2017 2016 was an eventful year for social media marketers. From Facebook live to Instagram stories and mobile optimization, they saw it all. As 2017 begins, one cannot help but think how millennial love for technology will reshape digital marketing trends for this year. Here’s what expert San Diego SEO agencies predict.

Boundary Setting:

The past year has been of significant importance for Facebook. What started as an experimental platform for college students has now become the leading social networking website in the world. Last year, more and more baby boomers joined Facebook. And this is where the change lies. In recent surveys, it was revealed that only 41% of millennial Facebook users check their accounts every day. By contrast, the average non-millennial finds Facebook to be quite interesting. However, other social media platforms (such as Snapchat , Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest ) remain popular among Gen-Y. There are two reasons for this. As more and more baby boomers are joining social media, the average millennial user feels that his/her “privacy” is at risk and is hesitant on adding older people. Similarly, the idea of comparing timelines has now become tiring and mundane. This is why marketers should consider targeting baby boomers through Facebook and Gen-Y though YouTube channels. Boundary Setting

Disappearing Media:

Our older generation seems comfortable with the idea of permanent media. They believe that whatever they post on the internet should remain there forever. This is why they’re more often seen on social networking forums, rather than picture-sharing ones. Millennials , on the other hand, prefer disappearing media. They love the idea of having a platform where all their incoherent ramblings, weird and obscene pictures and intimate thoughts disappear forever. This is why they can be found on Snapchat most of the time. Surveys reveal that 25% of all millennials between the ages of 25-34 are on Instagram every day. Similarly, 34% of 18-24-year-olds use the same platform on a daily basis. Only 19% of older millennials aged between 25 and 34 spend their time on Snapchat . These figures from 2016 show what lies ahead in 2017. Disappearing Media

Simplifying Life:

More and more millennials will crave for technologies which will make their lives easier in 2017. From checking the whether to order processing, it will be all about simplifying the user experience and more and more seamless customer experiences. Gen-Y is willing to interact with technology to make their lives simpler. This need for simplification is complemented by a need for privacy. In 2016, the anonymous search engine Duck Duck Go witnessed a huge increase in traffic as it does not track the user’s browsing history. For this year, we can expect the trend for private browsing to rise. Simplifying Life

Live Videos:

Despite the increasing need for disappearing media, live video trend stands out as an anomaly. Live video, lens filtering, vlogging , Q&A’s will continue to dominate the social media sphere in 2017. This was pretty evident with the widespread attention Pokémon Go received in 2016. AR lenses and filters are likely to be the biggest social media drivers for 2017. Live Videos

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