The 101 of Content Marketing Strategy

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When you want to build a content strategy for your website or blog, it helps to think first about your target market. For more information, Visit SEO San Diego Company Site today


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The 101 of Content Marketing Strategy:

The 101 of Content Marketing Strategy

Develop a Content Strategy:

Develop a Content Strategy When you want to build a content strategy for your website or blog, it helps to think first about your target market. Typically, site owners like you will use your web content to market some product or service. Another possibility is that you will be writing for a cause.

Think Strategic:

Think Strategic The entire focus of the content strategy is to build traffic to your websites from search engines like Google and Bing and then get people to take a particular action once they visit your URL. Examples they might take are: signing up for a newsletter, signing a petition, purchasing a product, or scheduling a service. Here are some tips to help you organize a comprehensive content management strategy and give more marketing power to your website or blog

Think Market Specifics:

Think Market Specifics If you own a business or a nonprofit or work independently, you have some idea about the market you are trying to reach with your marketing strategy. It’s time to cut this information down to the bare bones. Identify the segments of your target market who will benefit from your content. Sometimes, these may be the segments most likely to take the desired action you want. For example, a segment might be homeowners over age 50 with a professional career. Another segment might be young people ages 18 to 30 who have never owned a home. They will require different kinds of content. Your effective content strategy must address these demographics with appropriate themes and marketing

Think Keywords:

Think Keywords Effective content still must consist of targeted keywords that people are searching for online. For example, a pressure washing business in a Chicago community would be writing content for phrases such as “Chicago pressure washing” and “pressure washing service in Chicago.” You can use Google Ad Words information to help you choose the appropriate keyword phrases for your business or organization.

Think Themes:

Think Themes Once you've targeted segments identified, it’s important to brainstorm a list of topics that might interest them. The same pressure washing business might develop one set of content for people who already own a home and want to find a cheap service. They might develop different content to educate people who have never kept up a home before and explain the benefits of pressure washing for protecting the long-term value of the home.

Think Tracking ROI:

Think Tracking ROI Google Analytics makes it easy to track how your content performs once you post it online. Every article, product page, and blog entry that is populated with keyword phrases can be tracked for how many people click on it each day. Create more content like the pieces that get the most clicks from visitors and then convert them to the desired action.

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