Latest Updates in Local SEO – What You Need to Know

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Latest Updates in Local SEO – What You Need to Know :

Latest Updates in Local SEO – What You Need to Know

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Paying attention to local SEO stats will help you streamline your campaigns. In addition to giving you a clear understanding of what search engines are doing to provide high-value, relevant results, you can also see how consumers are responding to these efforts. Moreover, you can stay abreast of new search trends that could have a significant impact on the results that your current campaigns are producing. Following are several statistics that every small, local business owner should know.

Bounce Rates :

Bounce Rates If you haven't heard the term "bounce rate" before, now is the time to start boning up on this latest SEO jargon. After the Google algorithm rewrite, bounce rates became more important than ever before. This is the percentage of site visitors who are automatically bouncing back to search results after landing on your web pages. This type of activity is known as a single-interaction visit. In most instances, it means that people aren't finding the information or value that was promised. The average bounce rates for most websites is approximately 45 percent. While this might seem high, it may be possible for people to actually get the information and value they need in a single-page visit. Thus, an average bounce rate could be a positive indicator for your site. Bounce rates at 60 percent or higher, however, likely mean that the landing page needs to be revamped for greater clarity and quality.

Hyper-Local Searches:

Hyper-Local Searches The primary emphasis of the Google algorithm rewrite was to accommodate the rapidly and radically changing ways of mobile web users. Google identified an increase in "near me" searches of approximately 34 times what it was in 2011. For site owners, this means a far greater need to create geo-specific campaigns and to target hyper-local search terms such as cross streets and landmarks in order to make their listings relevant.

The Top Seven Has Become The Top Three :

The Top Seven Has Become The Top Three In the past, landing a coveted spot among the seven listings included in Google's "local pack" was guaranteed to reward a site with far more traffic and attention. Now, however, the competition for inclusion in the "top pack" is doubly fierce. The number of available slots has fallen from seven to just three. Companies are having to pay more attention to the quality of their business listings, listing completion and the overall appeal of these. Moreover, it can even be advantageous to start seeking inclusion in the "top pack" by taking a niche-specific focus. These listings appear at the top of the page (or just below the sponsored listings) in 93 percent of all Google searches.

Company Reviews:

Company Reviews Given that star ratings are visible in search engine listings for the top three listed companies, asking clients to leave feedback is becoming increasingly vital. Consider the fact that: 88% of consumers read reviews 72 % of consumers claim that positive feedback fosters trust 88 % of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from friends All of these things make it essential to get your company listed with Google and to optimize this listing. Taking a keen interest in what people are saying about you business via this listing and making sure that feedback is being regularly supplied is vital as well.

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