Apps that transform Education: Learning with Tablets and Mobiles


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Prof. M.M. Pant's presentation at MAC India conference-Feb,2012 on Significance and Importance of Educational Apps.


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Learning with Tablets and Mobiles::

Learning with Tablets and Mobiles: Apps that transform Education

Flow of this narrative::

Flow of this narrative: Why Apps is (are) a great opportunity? The significance and importance of Educational Apps. How learning with Apps transforms Education? The Educational Apps Ecosystem Making it happen

Learning Ecosystems::

Learning Ecosystems: The idea of "learning ecosystems" has been emerging over the past year in international conferences and forums and could be a useful way of thinking about e-learning and education . In biological terms, an ecosystem is the complex of a community and its environment functioning as an ecological unit . New learners, using new technologies, are creating new learning ecosystems on campus. The mobile and connected learner interacting with a blended learning environment is changing concepts of time, place, and space for education-in short, the entire ecology of learning

What is an ecosystem?:

What is an ecosystem? An ecosystem is characterized by a dynamic web of relationships and interactions, and much of what we understand about any ecosystem comes from observation of the effects changes in the ecosystem have on relationships and interactions and on the roles organisms play in the ecosystem. Some of these changes are disturbances or perturbations; others are the consequence of the natural evolution of any given ecosystem over time.

Elements of the new age Mobile Learning Ecosystem::

Elements of the new age Mobile Learning Ecosystem: The Mobile Internet Tablets, Smartphones and feature phones New Age Curriculum Benchmarking against International Standards Constitutional Guarantee of right to education for all in the age group of 8 to 14 years Are transforming the Learning and Education sector and having a huge impact on the reach, scale and quality of India's classrooms ?


Acknowledgements: The thought processes followed in this discourse and the models proposed for action have been influenced by : Thomas Alva Edison Bill Gates Clayton Christensen Chris Anderson and a large number of my academic associates and colleagues……………

PowerPoint Presentation:

6 Reasons Tablets are ready for the Classroom

Tablets Are the Best Way to Show Textbooks:

Tablets Are the Best Way to Show Textbooks Tablets are cable of offering enhanced e-books featuring images, video and audio. These elements are impossible to include in print or in a standard ebook . 1

Classrooms are ready for Tablets:

Though tablets are a recent phenomenon, many students in high school and college have been using smartphones for years, and are already well-acquainted with touchscreen technology. Classrooms are ready for Tablets 2

Tablets Fit Students’ Lifestyles:

The appeal of tablets to a college student is obvious: They’re thin, lightweight, and spring to life without delay, making them much easier to take to (and use in) class than a laptop or Netbook . Tablets Fit Students’ Lifestyles 3

Tablets have the Software to be Competitive:

Tablets have the Software to be Competitive 4 In addition to the thousands of exciting educational apps available, tablets are fully compatible with online teaching and learning platforms, such as Blackboard In fact, tablets’ current shortcoming — limited multitasking — could be their greatest asset in education, as it forces students to focus on one task at a time

Tablets Integrate With Education IT Trends:

Cloud-based solutions have become ever more popular with colleges and universities, which are looking to deliver synchronized experiences that are device agnostic. Tablets align well with this trend, given their portability and options for constant connectivity. With tablets and cloud-based systems, students can work anywhere on campus and make sure that their work is saved in a central location and accessible from all of their devices. They also don’t have to pay for computing power that they no longer need. Tablets Integrate With Education IT Trends 5

Tablets are Becoming More Available:

One of the primary reasons that tablets have been slow to penetrate the education market was their limited availability. As these issues are resolved over the coming year, expect to see more and more tablets popping up on campuses. Lower price points will make tablets even more appealing to schools, colleges and universities. Tablets are Becoming More Available 6

Movement to make India the hub for Educational Apps::

Movement to make India the hub for Educational Apps: Proposing new Educational App ideas ( Teachers and Learners) Communicate these ideas to developers Together convince investors to fund development Development and UI testing Placing the App in the Educational App Marketplace Promoting usage of the Apps

Proposing new Educational App ideas ( Teachers and Learners) :

Proposing new Educational App ideas ( Teachers and Learners) Encourage teachers and learners to propose new App ideas during the regular teaching hours. Like in cricket one screams ‘ How’s That’ or we recall the ‘ Eureka’ cry of Archimedes, the Classrooms could be full of cries of ‘ There could be an App for that’. The teacher or learner whoever makes that appeal would then quickly put the idea in a template and would go into an apps ideas pool. Good ideas would be suitably rewarded.

Communicate these ideas to developers:

Communicate these ideas to developers 1. A text narrative providing high-level app context, 2. A scope outline listing product features , 3. Detailed screen design, 4 . A file inventory, and 5 . Putting it all together in a readable and understandable workflow document.

Convince investors to fund development:

Convince investors to fund development India based Apps development projects have the backing of a large domestic market Government has a large requirement for its Aakash promotion and deployment Parents see the potential of learning through technology and would pay for learning Apps for their children Apps development would require smaller investments than large software projects

Development and UI Testing:

Development and UI Testing We have a large pool of independent developers and designers to implement any educational Apps development projects Also there is a good opportunity in doing this for regional language and state related contexts. UI design would be a very critical component for the success of the endeavour . These specialists would form a very important element of the ecosystem.

Creating and promoting an Educational Apps Marketplace:

Creating and promoting an Educational Apps Marketplace We already have the following market places: Apple Apps store The Android market The Amazon’s android market Maybe some other niche markets There is a potential for a dedicated education marketplace, supported by key players in education with search and analytics tools relevant for learning

Promoting usage of Educational Apps:

Promoting usage of Educational Apps Just like school teachers and university professors have been supporting the book publishing industry by both authoring books for the good publishers, and recommending to their students books of other authors by reputed publishers, they could do the same for educational Apps . Academics and subject matter experts could then become either creators of their Apps or curator of Apps created by others.

Some ideas for Educational Apps:

Some ideas for Educational Apps We have to seriously explore to find out what would be the killer educational App? Although we have hundreds of thousands of so-called educational Apps, none of them is seen as a clear category leader. Meanwhile here are some examples of classes of educational Apps.

Apps for Teaching::

Apps for Teaching: Grade Book – iPad : Gradekeeper , Android: Grade Book for Professors Annotation – mark up student-submitted PDF files with highlights, text and drawings – iPad : GoodReader or iAnnotate PDF ($$), Android: RepliGo Reader Attendance – some apps even make a seating chart with photos – iPad : Attendance , or Smart Seat , Android: Attendance Course Management System – if your campus has turned on this functionality you can access course content and more - Blackboard Mobile | Learn (both platforms) Polling – use tablets and smartphones like clickers in the classroom – iPad : eClicker ($$), Android: Student Clicker

Content Apps::

Content Apps: e-Reader – on either platform use CourseSmart for textbooks or Kindle for books of all kinds – the apps are free, not the books … Social bookmarking – save links to course-related websites and share them with students - iPad : Diigo Offline Reader , Android: Power Note Recording – use your tablet to capture photos, video, & sound (apps are on the device) Productivity – use Documents to Go ($$) on either platform to create, view, edit, and sync Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents Content creation – I’ll use music composition as an example – iPad : Symphony Pro ($$), Android: Maestro


Presentation: Viewer – a number of apps will display PowerPoint files – also check out the Prezi Viewer for iPad (I suspect they’ll soon have one for Android) Air mouse / remote – use your tablet to control the mouse on a podium computer – iPad : Mobile Mouse , Android: Unified Remote Timer – let yourself or students know when their allotted time is up – iPad : LabTimer , Android: StopWatch & Timer Show media – you will have viewers for photos, video, & sound – also apps for sites that share videos - YouTube (both platforms) and images – iPad : FlickStackr , Android: FlickFolio Chalkboard/whiteboard – paint, draw, graph

Generic Tools for Teaching-Learning::

Generic Tools for Teaching-Learning: Calendar – track your course calendar or (apps are on the device) Notes – simple, quick text entry and note management – you probably already have an app like this, but on the iPad I like the way PlainText integrates with DropBox To do list – there are MANY apps in this category – my favorite is Things ( iPad , $$), but lots of people swear by Evernote (both platforms) Document manager – save and organize files – iPad : GoodReader (also displays most files), Android: File Expert - and don’t forget Dropbox for iPad or Android News – receive up-to-the-second info, images, and video – for both platforms: USA Today , Wall Street Journal , Fox News , NPR , and so on

10 Killer Educational Apps ideas !:

10 Killer Educational Apps ideas ! internet Radio App: Video-broadcasting App: Search engine for Educational Apps Course creator App ( from OER) Measuring and monitoring progress in learning Social and Collaborative Learning App Overcoming Maths Phobia App Assessment Apps: Gradebook , Rubrics, e-portfolio… Learner face response analysis App An App to facilitate curating Educational Apps

PowerPoint Presentation:

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