Consequences of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

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Consequences of Impacted Wisdom Teeth


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Consequences of Impacted Wisdom Teeth:

Consequences of Impacted Wisdom Teeth Cedar Dental Care Newark, CA.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth:

Impacted Wisdom Teeth W isdom teeth are the molars and they are the last adult to erupt. There remains little space for them to grow properly , thus resulting in an impacted teeth , the third molars.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Consequences:

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Consequences Pain and swelling of the cheek. Difficulty in opening the mouth. Pain when swallowing. Bad breath.

Pain in JAW:

Pain in JAW Pain in the back of your jaw is a common indicator of impacted wisdom teeth. The pain often concentrates the area around your gums.

Difficulty in Opening the mouth:

Difficulty in Opening the mouth Impacted wisdom teeth will lead to difficulty in opening the mouth due to swelling in the jaw.

Pain and Swelling:

Pain and Swelling Pain and swelling occurs because the small blood vessels in the area expand to increase the blood flow to the area.

Bad Breath:

Bad Breath The medical term for bad breath is halitosis, fetor oris , ozostomia , or stomatodysodia . It means an unpleasant disorder of breath of a person .

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