Citta di Mare - A new City Rises in Cebu


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Amalfi Oasis is the 1st Condo Cluster in CITTA DI MARE at SRP Cebu City. This Themed Residential Resort Community is the First of the 3 Components. The 2nd Component is the Piazza, the Central Activity Area of the 8 condo clusters. These first and second Components is a Joint Venture Project of the Cebu City Government and Filinvest. The 3rd component of Citta di Mare is the IL CORSO – a Beachfront Commercial and Shopping Complex. Amalfi Oasis is ideal as a: 1. Home for Young Couples, a) has a day care center, b) schools, parks and playground, c) a healthy beachfront environment. 2. Second Home or as a Vacation Escapade from the cold winter. 3. Company Staff Home in Cebu as SRP is going to be the Business, Tourism, Leisure and Entertainment City of Cebu City. 4. Retirement Haven that you deserve to spend your life in Style and in Leisure with the IL CORSO - a walking distance from your Home. There are the Locators in SRP; 1. SM Mall and Hotel Complex, 2. Big Foot – the Hollywood Support Studio, 3. University of the Philippines Campus, 4. The new Cebu City Hall 5. The Department of Public Works and Highways, 6. The Rapid Bus Transit Center Live in Amalfi Oasis of Citta di Mare, the most prestigious home address in Cebu City. Douglas Panares tel. # 006332-516-7894 cell # 0063-922-547-6733 email ad – [email protected] website –


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VICINITY MAP : S.R.P. Zone, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

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Proposed Bus Rapid Transit 3.1 has. leased to BIGFOOT 3.02 has. proposed City Hall Block 5.1 has. proposed UP Campus 0.6 has area for UTILITIES 4.7036 has. area for DPWH 30.41 has . SM Prime Holdings Residential Area 39 Hectares, Joint Venture: City Govt. & FILINVEST Commercial Lot 10 Hectares, SOLD TO: FILINVEST PhP1.6B

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CITTA DI MARE is a + Master - planned Community + approximately 50 hectares + the most Prime Location of SRP

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There are 3 C OMPONENTS of C ITTA D I M ARE; 1 st THEMED RESIDENTIAL RESORT COMMUNITIES Amalfi Oasis – 1 st Cluster 2 nd PIAZZA : Central Activity Area 3 rd EL CORSO Leisure , Entertainment , Shopping, Commercial , Business , Conventions, Trade Exhibits , Hotels , Marina , and More …

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The 1 st C OMPONENT of C ITTA D I M ARE is - AMALFI OASIS is the Now being built The Themed Residential Resort Communities , 1 st Residential Cluster

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AMALFI OASIS is Inspired by the Italian Coastal Town along the AMALFI Coast

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Condos for Sale: BUILDING 1 – almost SOLD OUT & BUILDING 2 BUILDING 1 & 2: 150 condo units, 93 parking slots , each building

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UNIQUE – Only at Citta di Mare

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No Cars at the Ground Level of AMALFI OASIS Only People biking & strolling. GREEN & POLLUTION FREE

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Amalfi Oasis is a Relaxing Community 65% of Land are: Parks, Gardens & Open Spaces

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AMALFI OASIS – CLUSTER AMENITIES: CLUSTER AMENITIES: + Swimming Pool + Club House + Bar & Lounge + Basket Ball Court + Refreshment Parlor +Parks & Playground + Path Walks + Kiddie Nooks

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The 2 nd C OMPONENTS of C ITTA D I M ARE is - PIAZZA Central Activity Area

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PIAZZA - Facilities + Church + School + Bars + Retail Shops + Cafe + and many More + Restaurant + Football Field + Fast Food

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a Joint Project of Cebu City Government & FILINVEST; 1. THEMED RESIDENTIAL RESORT COMMUNITY and 2. PIAZZA = 40 Hectares - Joint Project of Cebu City Govt. & FILINVEST the 1 st and the 2 nd Component of CITTA DI MARE

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The 3 rd C OMPONENTS of C ITTA D I M ARE; E L C ORSO Leisure, Shopping, Commercial, Business, Entertainment, & more, …..

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E L C ORSO - 10 hectares Beachfront Facilities

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BEACH SAND BOX For Sun Bathing

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BOARD WALK For Strolling and Viewing

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DINING OUT Meeting People

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SHOPPING for Leisure and for the Basics

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HOTEL & MARINA for Conventions & Functions

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CONVENTIONS & EVENTS Functions and Gatherings

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TRADE FAIR & PROMOS for Business or Bargain Hunting

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YOUR HOME Ideal for Growing Healthy Children

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YOUR SECOND HOME for Vacation or Retirement

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ENJOY YOUR HOME A Beachfront Tropical Paradise

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YOUR HOME IN CEBU the Prestigious Address is …