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Why Rental Investment in Cebu? Cebu is booming, population is increasing, tourists arrival are rising, buildings are mushrooming, and house and lot subdivisions are sprouting all around the province. In fact there is a shortage of accommodation houses and apartments in Cebu for the (a) foreign and regional students, (b) foreign and out of the province executives and manpower now working in Cebu, (c) Retirees enjoying the tropical climate and the modern hospitals, (d) Tourists escaping the cold winter, (e) Buildings and Office Space rentals, and (f) Religious sects enjoying the Freedom of Religion. Why “House and Accommodation Rental” is a good and profitable business to invest in Cebu. 1. The average annual Rental Yield is 10.99% (Rental Profit) 2. The average annual Real Estate Market Value Appreciation is 11.56% (Increase of Selling Price of Real Estate properties). 3. So the total expected Gross Profit (10.99% + 11.56%) is 22.55%, a very GOOD PROFIT indeed. The good news in Real Estate Investment in Cebu are: a) No Big Cash is needed, b) It is so easy and simple, c) Highly Profitable, and d) Safe and Sure Investment. Get your FREE Report on; 1. Trusted, Reliable and Proven Developers 2. Pre-selling and Under Construction Projects 3. The Profit Advantages of these Properties DOUGLAS PANARES email ad: [email protected] website: www.Cebu-House-and-Lot.com Mobile Phone # 0063-922-547-6733


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White Sand Beaches Fiestas every Month Warm & Clear Blue Sea Under Sea Wonders

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Retiree’s Homes Vacation Homes Winter Escapade Residential Houses Students’ Dormitory

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Missionaries & Religious Communities Foreign & Local Investors-Villas Company - Staff Houses Foreign Businesses - Offices

Slide 4:

Foreign & Local Executives BPO, IT & Call Center Staff Young Families Vacation Houses

Slide 5:

Population GROWTH BULLISH Economy Tourism BOOM Increasing Investors

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Annual Rental Yield of 10.99 % Average Profit i n ; Residential Houses Condominium Units BPO Buildings Industrial Buildings Commercial Spaces

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Would it be better if the average Rental Profit be MORE than 10.99 % ? Do you want MORE Profit?

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Consider the MARKET VALUE APPRECIATION of your Property (As per Table below, CEBU – PHILIPPINES) 57.81 % ÷ 5 Years = 11.56 % annual average Market Value Appreciation

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the Average Annual Rental Yield - 10.99% = 22.55% 22.55% is a Good Profit in Real Estate. Is this SURE?

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How much is my NET PROFIT in Real Estate after 5.18% NFLATION?

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VALUE APPRECIATION RENTAL YIELD 11.56% + 10.99% = 22.55 % INFLATION = 5.18% Y O U A R E I N P R O F I T 22.55% - 5.18% = 17.37%

Thus you get a Net Profit of 17.37% , & Beat inflation.:

Thus you get a Net Profit of 17.37% , & Beat inflation.

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Oh My MONEY is SAFER in the BANK!

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Not Until I was shown this TRUTH, that Bankers won’t tell you. Cebu Real Estate Net ROI is Higher by 13.37% over the Bank Interest . BANK INTEREST : 4% is eaten up by Inflation – 5.18% = 1.38% DEBIT / LOSE You Lose Money in the BANK

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Would you allow your MONEY in the BANK to DEVALUATE , because the INFLATION Rate is Higher than the Bank Interest Earnings ? Sure you WOULD NOT! But, where will I put my Money so I can Beat Inflation? Invest in Real Estate as a Home, or Earn even MORE by having it Rented.

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I Don’t have Much Money! With Low Reservation Fee & very Affordable Monthly Amortization, It’s Easy to Own a Property. Introducing the BENEFITS of a Fixed MONTHLY AMMORTIZATION Developers has Bank tie-up Real Estate Loans are like Pre-Approved Have it Rented for Positive Income, which is more than The Monthly Amortization, thus a PROFIT INCOME

Allows 10% Rental Increase Every Year :

PERCENT 4 th YEAR 8 th YEAR 12 th YEAR 16 TH YEAR 20 TH YEAR 551 – 600 501 – 550 451 – 500 351 – 400 459% 301 – 350 251 – 300 285% 201 – 250 151– 200 214% 101 – 150 51 – 100 146% 0 .0 – 50 o o o o o o Bank & Developers’ Fixed Amortization Rates – 8 to 14% www.Cebu-House-And-Lot.com RENTAL LAW Allows 10% Rental Increase Every Year Rental Rising over  Fixed Monthly Amortization Possible Rental Increase  673 % 10% compounded in 20 years  Double Rental in 8 years

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I see the PROFITABILITY! But I Don’t have Big Cash to START, that is - Pay the Down Payment ! You don’t need BIG CASH. See the 8 ADVANTAGES that you can PROFIT from REAL ESTATE RENTAL INVESTMENT .

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1. Buy at Low Pre-Selling Price, 2. Special Discount: Be the First 20 to 30 Buyers 3. More Discount for Spot Cash Buyers 4. Buy Now & Have the Chance to Choose the Best Location, 5. Pay Down-payment in 24 to 36 months at 0% Interest, 6. Profit every time the Price is Increased and or as the Value Appreciate, 7. Pay Amortization w/ Rental Income & Enjoy Rental Profit every month 8. Sell when Value Appreciation is High – up to 200% Profit or even More .

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Why INVESTORS are TRANSFERING t heir property investment ; Because of: Decreasing Property Value Resulting from Financial Crisis, Natural Disaster & War Inflation rate – 5.16% + Very LOW Bank Interest Moving their i nvestments to CEBU ; Profitable Rental Income Rental yield + 10.99% Appreciating market value + 11.56% Hedge against inflation – 5.16% Better than the bank interest power of amortization REAL ESTATE net roi + 17.37% INVESTORS to Cebu

Ask for free report – profitable rental investment:

Ask for free report – profitable rental investment AFFORDABLE Property with High Return of Investment Properties with Low Monthly Payment - w ithout Interest, & Positive Rental Income to pay Amortization & with extra profit. Low Priced Properties with Big Discount for Spot Cash Buyers . Properties with Higher Value Appreciation Potential for an Earlier Reselling Period .