Common Mistakes Committed By Not Hiring a Competent Catering Sydney Co


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No matter what kind of event you organize, it is very important that catering is arranged, but it is not easy at all. There are so many things to consider and most importantly, selecting a service provider.


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Common Mistakes Committed By Not Hiring a Competent Catering Sydney Company

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Page 1 No matter what kind of event you organize it is very important that catering is arranged but it is not easy at all. There are so many things to consider and most importantly selecting a service provider. Because it is such a complicated thing to find a service provider often it happens that those looking to hire them commit several mistakes and in this post we are going to review some of them. Hiring an Inexperienced Catering Sydney Company  One very common mistake that organizers and even managers commit is not researching and as a result they often end up selecting an inexperienced candidate.  The reason is that the past one and a half decade has seen a huge uprising of companies offering catering services Sydney.  Most of them are less than a decade old and therefore incapable of offering you the services that you want and in the way you want.  As a result the entire catering experience gets ruined and you’ll have to face embarrassment in front of the guests. Not Determining the Quantity Required  Another blunder that is very common in major events is the shortage of food and this is actually the aftermath of the mistake number one discussed above.  It is basically your duty to give as exact head count as possible and thereafter it is the responsibility of the catering Sydney company to use its experience and determine the amount of food to be prepared. If both of you commit the mistakes of your shares one

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Page 2 thing is assured that you’ll face the shortage of food and this is a huge embarrassment in front of your guests.  Wrong decision can also result into another blunder i.e. too much wastage of food if the head count is not exact and the caterer does not have the experience to calculate the quantity required for the event. Improper Food Presentation  No matter how tasty your food is and no matter how much punctually it has been prepared nothing would be of no value if there are faults and flaws in presentation.  The presentation should be done in such a way that it entices the guests immediately towards the food counters.  In the absence of proper presentation the guests might even skip the meal which is yet again a huge humiliation for you as an event organizer or a host. Not Giving the Due Consideration to Your Guests  One more mistake that you should avoid at any cost is ignoring the dietary related requirements of the guest.  Undoubtedly everyone loves food but in every guest list there are some people who are very choosy about food and have certain implications like vegan gluten-free diabetic meal etc.  By neglecting this factor some guests may experience awful scenarios in your event which can affect your reputation.

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Page 3 Leaving the Guests Hungry  Last but not the least nothing would be more embarrassing than your guests leaving the event hungry or staying hungry for a long time.  However this can be avoided by hiring a reputable catering Sydney company as experienced staff would know what time to serve the food.  You’ll even find some of them offering snacks and finger food to suffice the hunger of the guests as they wait for the main course. This article post originally posted at - mistakes-committed-by-not-hiring-a-competent-catering-sydney-company- 3dbc37beaff2

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