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The Evolving Actuarial Workplace By Sally Ezra, Partner Ezra Penland Actuarial Recruitment Adapted from the Contingencies Article at

“The Evolving Actuarial Workplace: Change is coming. Are you on top of all the contingencies?”:

- by Annmarie Geddes Lipold - Quote excerpts by Sally Ezra, discussing new geographical actuarial markets, areas of practice, executive management and the actuary of tomorrow. “The Evolving Actuarial Workplace : Change is coming. Are you on top of all the contingencies?”


One New geographic markets will continue to emerge as well, says Sally Ezra, Partner, Ezra Penland Actuarial Recruitment.


Two The actuarial profession in India and China, for example, is just beginning to come online because – until now – there’s been little available insurance. “North American expertise is still attractive there,” she adds.


Three Actuaries will be looking at operational risk and big-picture business issues and will be expected to come to the table as strategic planners, Ezra explains.


Four It won’t be long before more actuaries are decision-makers and leaders. There is already a “huge shift” taking place, with actuaries beginning to bridge the gap between data analyzers and output users, she adds.


Five But then, tomorrow’s successful actuary will be more than an analytical expert.


Six Recruiter Ezra observes that more companies are coming to her to locate actuaries who have experience with predictive analytics and ERM. “Those are two areas where I see the most growth, ” she says.


Seven Organizations always want to be ahead of the game, and actuaries are generally in a good position to help, Ezra says.


Eight Successful actuaries are the problem solvers. “They are not just reporting what is going on; they are looking to solve the problems,” Ezra says.


Nine As a result, she adds, more actuaries are taking on chief executive officer and chief financial officer roles.


Ten Preparing to be tomorrow’s successful actuary will mean much more than having great mathematical and technical skills. Solid business skills will be required as well, experts agree. “The people coming out of the universities are looking to be business people who happen to be actuaries,” Ezra says.


Eleven “Excellent technical skills are in high demand and will continue to tip the scales in the favor of a candidate, ” says Ezra.


Twelve Ezra is confident that actuaries will adjust to ensure successful futures. “Actuaries are great adapters, and they are in the forefront of industry due to their intellectual and professional curiosity,” she explains.


Thirteen Read the entire article at You can reach Ezra Penland Actuarial Recruitment at and [email protected] Thank you!