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Have an unplanned pregnancy?We are here to help.A Woman’s Haven is one of the best abortion clinics in San Antonio.We offer free and confidential abortion counselling and other pregnancy services.


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Importance of Abortion Counselling :

Importance of Abortion Counselling


Abortion Abortion refers to the medical termination of the embryo or foetus before the birth. The rate of abortion is increasing through years . A current research shows that out of 1000 women 36 undergoes abortion in developing countries and 27 in developed countries.


Most of the unplanned pregnancies leads to abortion . This is very risky especially in countries where abortion is not legal . In such countries women will usually go for abortion which is highly unsafe and can even cause risk to there life wherein abortion information clinic San A ntonio can help you with proper information.


Here comes the importance of abortion counselling . Free abortion counselling, San Antonio  helps women to a great extent in decision making . This also assists women to adapt emotionally and mentally during and after the termination .




Helps in post abortion medical assistance Abortion counselling helps people to take proper medical care after the abortion . This is really very important since negligence of the same can be a threat to the life of women and free abortion San Antonio really cares your health and safety. Proper medication is a must during this time along with proper instructions .


Support them emotionally  Most women face psychological issues before and after abortion . P regnancy information San Antonio helps them to cope with the situation and helps them to get rid of the guilt, shame or grief which they face after abortion.


Helps in proper decision making Abortion counselling helps to make a proper decision about abortion . This is really important for couple who can adjust without having an abortion . Free abortion,San Antonio can provides information about whether they are capable enough to take a parenting role instead of abortion.


Provides brief idea about the medical procedure Abortion counselling helps people to have a brief idea about the whole medical procedure that is to be followed during abortion . This also provides people with the idea about care that they should be taken before and after abortion and one of the best free San Antonio Abortion Clinics is for your help.


Help in planned pregnancy and abortion In many cases abortion may become a necessity even if it is planned pregnancy . This happen especially if the pregnancy can cause harm to life of mother or foetus or both . In this cases women need high level of emotional support and care. Abortion counselling can help women with there emotional contradictions and provides stability of mind. Consult A Woman’s Haven -One of the free San Antonio Abortion Clinics for more information


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