Guide to Getting the Most Out of Your Electric Bike

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Here’s a professional guide that will help you get the most from your e-bike Table of Contents Best Maintenance Practices. Electric Bike Safety. Improving Your Electric Bike’s Range. Downhill Handling Tips. Closing Thoughts.


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Guide to Getting the Most Out of Your Electric Bike :

Guide to Getting the Most Out of Your Electric Bike


Introduction According to the latest finding by NPD Group, the electric bike industry is a $65 million economy. So, whether you like it or not, the bikes are here to stay. Contrary to what most people believe, electric bikes (popularly known as e-bikes) are not here to rob us the human way of riding a bike. Actually, they are here to improve it. For starters, e-bikes make pedaling much effortless. You don’t have to struggle much to ride it. Secondly, the bikes are superfast. If you are looking for a faster way to get to your workplace and you don’t want to use the bus or the train, then this has to be the ideal choice. Even though their speed can’t match that of a motorcycle, it’s way higher than that of standard bikes. They also come in different types depending on function. The most popular ones are commuter e-bikes, cargo e-bikes, recreational e-bikes, and fat e-bikes. So, you can match the e-bike with your biking needs. Lastly, they are effective workout equipment. Look at it this way – you can ride the bike to work and back home and thus be able to stretch along the way. With the capabilities of e-bikes in mind, it’s important to note that they are very demanding. They require high maintenance practices to guarantee the best performance. Here’s a professional guide that will help you get the most from your e-bike.

Table of Contents:

Table of Contents Best Maintenance Practices . Electric Bike Safety . Improving Your Electric Bike’s Range . Downhill Handling Tips . Closing Thoughts .

Best Maintenance Practices:

Best Maintenance Practices Like a car, an electric bike needs to be well maintained and serviced regularly to give you the best performance. Here are 6 tips to use: 1. Cleaning : This is a basic maintenance practice that may help to boost the performance and life of your e-bike. From the frame to the tires, you have to get rid of the dust and mud that collects after an outdoor adventure. The advantage of regular cleaning is that it provides you with an opportunity to inspect the bike and identify faults. 2. Tire inspection : Considering that electric bikes are generally heavier than standard bikes, extra weight is placed on the tires. So, they are likely to deflate after a few days of outdoor use. You need to check the pressure and increase it if it’s not at the right level. You also need to check for tears or cracks and fix them if they are present .

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3. Battery care : The battery is the source of power for the bike. Without it, what you have is just a regular bike. You can take care of your battery in these ways: Charge it to full capacity on a regular basis. Use the right battery mode depending on the terrain you are riding on. Save battery power by reducing the weight that you place on the bike. Charge the battery before it gets cold. Store it under cooler temperatures. Ride smoothly to avoid overworking the battery .

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4. Handlebar maintenance : You have to check the handlebar to ensure that it’s not loose. If it is, make sure you tighten it. This will help to give you better control of the bike. 5. Chain maintenance : Your chain needs to be cleaned and fabricated regularly to avoid rusting and wearing. 6. Brakes inspection : It’s necessary to check your brakes before you take out your bike for an outdoor ride. This will not only prevent an accident but will also help you address a problem in its early stage and have it fixed before it magnifies. If a brake pad needs changing, make sure you do it.

Electric Bike Safety :

Electric Bike Safety Just as you are looking to have a quality fun time with your e-bike in the outdoors, you have to prioritize safety. You don’t want to break a neck or your back when riding the e-bike. Here are 6 safety tips to use: 1. Wear safety gear : It starts with wearing a helmet. It’s meant to protect your head in case you suffer an accident. It also keeps your head warm during the winter and protects you from direct sunlight. You also need to wear knee and elbow protectors. They’ll help to protect your knees and elbows respectively when you suffer a fall. In addition, you can wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from dust and sunrays. 2. Safe side riding : A majority of accidents involving bicycles happen because of riding on the wrong side. Most riders do the mistake of riding against traffic thinking that it’s a safe way to see oncoming vehicles. This is very dangerous, especially when the road is not straight. Thus, you should ride on the side that the vehicles are using.

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3. Use warning features : If your bike has a horn or a bell, you have to learn to use it. If none of them is there, you should have them fitted. They not only protect the pedestrians on the roads but you too, especially when riding on a heavy traffic road. The features will help to alert the road users. 4. Use your lights : While riding at night, it’s important to see clearly where you are going. Switch them on to help you have better control of the bike. 5. Make use of the mirror : While on the road, you have to be watchful. The mirror is there to help you see who’s behind you, more so when turning or switching a lane. 6. Follow someone: If you are new to electric bikes, you should not ride downhill alone. Ask a friend who is more experienced to ride with you. Make sure that the friend leads the way as you follow.

Improving Your Electric Bike’s Range:

Improving Your Electric Bike’s Range Are you looking for a way to extend the range of your e-bike? With electric bikes, you can get some extra energy to go an additional mile when your battery is almost running dry. You can also save battery power in a number of situations. Here are the top tips to use: 1. Carry your charger : If you realize that the battery won’t last you a day after charging it in the morning, just carry your charger with you so as to charge the battery when you make a stop. If you are using your bike to commute to work, you should have two chargers. 2. Buy an extra battery : If buying an extra charger doesn’t look like a great idea, then buying an extra battery must be. There are some bikes that allow the addition of a second battery as a way to boost the bike’s range. For this reason, you should ask your manufacturer or seller about it. In case the battery you are using is old, consider replacing it.

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3. Ride smoothly : An electric bike is called a superbike for a reason. So, don’t underestimate its power by increasing wind resistance. It has the power to drain your battery. Just reduce it and ride your bike slowly and smoothly. 4. Harden your pedals : This is a very effective approach when in a challenging terrain but do not have enough battery power. 5. Increase tire pressure : When the tire pressure is enough, you don’t have to exhaust the battery. It becomes easier to pedal and you are likely to conserve battery power. 6. Lubricate the chain : This trick helps immensely in enhancing pedaling efficiency. When the chain is oiled, it becomes easy to pedal and this means that the battery is less overworked.

Downhill Handling Tips:

Downhill Handling Tips Honestly, the most interesting aspect of riding an electric bike is heading downhill. However, it can also be the most challenging part. It calls for skilful handling and control. Of course, this comes with experience. Here are some professional tips to copy: 1. Eyes on the Ground : Since you are moving downhill, it makes sense to fix your eyes on the ground. It helps you to pull an emergency brake. 2. Focus ahead : Just as much as it’s important to keep your eyes on the ground, it’s also important to look ahead when descending. You should see where you are going to avoid finding yourself in a ditch. It’s advisable to check after every few seconds where the trail is leading. 3. Body balance : This is probably the most important tip for a successful descending. Your bike employs an effective suspension technology that helps you to push your extra weight backward when going downhill. You need to use it effectively. For one, make sure you move your body back so that your weight is also laid back. Additionally, your seat should be lowered to keep your body low and well balanced.

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4. Befriend the brakes : The closest friend that you have when moving downhill is the brake system. You have to master how to use it at the right time. Before you even make an abrupt stop, you should learn to use the brakes to slow down the riding speed. 5. Keep calm : Lastly, it’s necessary to relax and let loose when going downhill. Your e-bike is designed for such terrains and you only need to stay calm and let it do its work. Your arms need to relax and your body shouldn’t be too stiff as this may make you lose control of the bike.

Closing Thoughts:

Closing Thoughts Generally, electric bikes are great for moving around, exercising, and having fun. Regardless of the reason for using the bike, it’s meant to offer you the best service. However, it comes with a condition – you have to take care of it and learn to use it the professional way. The above guide will definitely help you do it. Epic Cycles is a leading electric bicycle manufacturer in Canada. Their goal is to change the way Canadians travel by promoting electric cycle riding as green alternative to vehicles while still offering the convenience of motorization. They always focus on design and quality to produce bicycles with cost-effective price tags that can endure any terrain.

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