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CAPITANI “The Cage” QuaRockRecords 2019 The Cage is a journey into oneself into ones fears into ones weaknesses. A road that leads to rediscover that strength that you never think you have.| concept TrackList: |-------------The Cage: ... the dreams and hopes we have many times are just illusions masks of a hidden reality |------------Awekening: ... the music is in the blood and the band is a lover all this for a person who has had nothing is filling the empty vase of life but the vases break. |-------------------Dust: ... the vase filled with all your blood broke dreams and hopes created fall like castles of cards in the wind ... |------------...Revenge: ... dont entrust your destiny to others be the best of yourself and shape it to your liking. It is always time |---The Chains of Me: ... having a purpose in life to discover that music is the true goal to be achieved this is salvation.

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