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Key Stage 3 National Strategy Year 7: transfer and progression in ICT session 3

Session 3: Inclusive teaching: 

Session 3: Inclusive teaching Objectives: To consider strategies and techniques for including all pupils in ICT lessons To identify opportunities and plan for inclusion in Year 7 sample teaching units

Inclusive teaching: 

Inclusive teaching Can I support the pupil to achieve this objective by: providing extra or special support modifying the objective devising a rapid way of catching up?


Activity Read through the pen portraits on Handout 3.2 and choose one of the pupils described there. Note down three things you could do to support that pupil.

Additional opportunities: 

Additional opportunities Additional homework (including the use of home computers) Homework clubs ICT clubs Additional or enrichment lessons Reinforcement through ICT across the curriculum Self-tutoring packages Mentoring or peer support Other LEA facilities such as libraries, youth clubs


Activity Watch the video sequence. Note down elements of inclusive teaching as you identify them in the sequence.

Inclusive teaching : 

Inclusive teaching Refer to Sample teaching unit 7.4, lessons 3 and 4. In pairs, identify one or two groups from your Year 7 class who will need support. Annotate lessons 3 (and 4 if time) with opportunities and strategies for support.


Plenary Have you developed a variety of strategies that will ensure that all pupils will be included in the ICT Framework objectives? Can you apply these to other sample teaching units? How will you manage this for other units, back in school?

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