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Heartgard Plus VS Revolution for Dogs Pets are prone to get infected by various internal and external parasites. It can be overwhelming for pet parents to find a treatment that effectively acts on the creepy creatures in order to keep their pets safe from infections that may convert into fatal diseases. Moreover heartworms are another worrisome parasite that has been compromising millions of pet’s lives every year. Therefore it becomes crucial to find the best suitable product for your dog which holds the combination of treatments for many parasites. If you as a pet parent are stuck in such a perplexed state then here’s what you need to know about two best products that can serve as the best solution to combat parasites from your pet. Let’s dig deeper into comparing Heartgard Plus and Revolution. Revolution For Dogs Revolution is an advanced parasitic treatment for dogs and puppies. The monthly spot-on treatment kills adult fleas certain types of ticks prevents heartworm infection as well as controls ear mites in dogs. This topical formula protects your dog from intestinal worm infection Flea Allergy Dermatitis and Sarcoptic mange. It is a waterproof solution which remains effective even after exposure to water and sunlight. Revolution is thus an ideal treatment for protecting dogs from internal and external parasites. Buy Revolution For Dog at Lowest Price | Free Shipping Heartgard Plus For Dogs Heartgard Plus is a palatable beef-flavored chewable that prevents heartworms and controls intestinal worm infections in dogs. Its powerful formula eliminates immature stages of heartworms from the bloodstream of an animal and thus prevents heartworm infection. Its efficacy is also known for treating infections caused by roundworms and hookworms Buy Heartgard Plus Online | Free Shipping Revolution for Dogs Heartgard Plus for Dogs Introduction Revolution for dogs is a broad- spectrum treatment for treating and controlling various internal and external parasitic infections. Heartgard Plus for dogs comes in a tablet form that protects dogs from heartworm infections and heartworm disease. The vet recommended monthly

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treatment is effective in eliminating hookworm and roundworm from your dog’s system. Active Ingredients Selamectin Ivermectin and Pyrantel How Does It Work The ingredient Selamectin is a parasiticide and anthelmintic that is applied topically and is absorbed by the skin. Selamectin interferes with the central nervous system of parasites and in turn eliminates them. The product is designed to cause paralysis and death in worms at the larval stage so that they’re unable to grow to adulthood thereby interrupting the biological life cycle of fleas. Ivermectin effectively treats the immature form of heartworms. It controls the onset of heartworm disease. The other ingredient Pyrantel treats and prevents intestinal worms. The combination of two ingredients kills parasites through spastic muscle paralysis and protects dogs from parasitic danger. Which parasites does it work on Revolution kills adult fleas flea eggs and flea larvae in the environment. Furthermore it prevents deadly heartworm disease as well. Revolution also controls hookworms and roundworms but only in cats. Heartgard Plus protects dogs against heartworms hookworms and roundworms. Other Parasites It decreases the sign of Flea Allergy Dermatitis controls ear mites and biting lice. Heartgard Plus does not work on any other parasites. Efficacy Revolution for dogs is a monthly treatment which acts as 5 in 1 parasitic protection. It kills fleas within 36 hours of application. Heartgard Plus for dogs is a monthly treatment that provides monthly protection to your dog from heartworms and intestinal worms including hookworms and roundworms. How To Use You need to apply the topical treatment by placing the pipette on your dog’s skin and squeeze out all the liquid. You can directly give the tablet in your dog’s mouth or can mix it in their food. Safe To Use Revolution is safe to be used for dogs and puppies over 8 weeks of age apart from pregnant and lactating queens. These tablets are given to 6 weeks and older puppies and dogs of all breeds and sizes. The oral treatment is safe for stud dogs pregnant breeding and

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lactating dogs. Manufacturer Zoetis Merial/Boehringer Ingelheim Well after going through this comparison chart it would’ve made it easier for you to choose the right product for your pet. Moreover you can also provide a combination treatment to your dog to protect them from multiple parasites. It can be a smarter choice to choose Revolution for dogs because it serves as 5 in one parasitic treatment. To protect your pet from heartworms you can administer Heartgard Plus for dogs. To be sure about administering any treatment to your pet consider to meticulously read the label and follow the directions as mentioned on it. Moreover it is suggested to take the vet’s advice before using any treatment for your furry-pal. Reference link: https://www.canadavetexpress.com/blog/revolution-for-dogs-vs-heartgard-plus/