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Crazy Facts About Fleas Fleas annoy irritate and cause discomfort to your pets. And you might be knowing everything about the treatment and prevention of this parasite but there are some crazy facts about these bloodsuckers that you might not be knowing. Therefore CanadaVetExpress has prepared a list of some mind-boggling facts of these small but unique creatures. So read on - 1. Fleas are practically blind and have no ears. 2. Fleas don’t have wings but they have specially designed hind legs with the help of which they jump and infest their host. 3. Generally a flea is 2mm to 3mm long and about 0.03g in weight. 4. The females are larger than the male fleas in almost all species of fleas there is some serious female empowerment going on among these creatures. 5. The beaver flea is the world’s largest flea and is about 11mm long. 6. Fleas exist on this planet for approximately 100 million years. 7. Female fleas are powerful and hungry they can feed blood almost 15 times its body weight daily. 8. Fleas got stamina they can jump 30000 times without taking a break. They seriously got not chill. 9. Fleas can survive by being frozen for up to a year. Just like Captain America however he was in the ice for many years. 10. Flea larvae like damp places hence they move deep into carpets cracks in flooring beddings or any nook and corner.

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11. It might be hard to believe but fleas produce an acceleration equivalent to 50 times to that of a space shuttle. 12. Female fleas lay up to 1500 eggs in their lifetime. Thats a huge number so please make sure that you treat your pet with a proper flea treatment that also kills flea eggs and larvae. 13. Flea pupae survive up to a year in your house. 14. Fleas got power they can pull things 160000 times their own weight it is the same as you pulling 2679 double-decker buses. 15. In the United StatesCtenocephalides felis Cat flea is responsible for almost all of the flea infestations on dogs and cats. 16. Fleas can jump over 150 times their own size which is approximately 30cm high that is like you jumping for about 300-360 feet. 17. Within 35 to 48 hours of its first blood meal female flea starts laying eggs. 18. 95 of flea eggs larvae and pupae can be found in bedding rugs carpets and sofas. Only 5 are found on your pet. 19. Swarm is the collective name for a group of fleas. 20. It can take only 21 days for a flea to become 1000 fleas on your pet and in the surroundings. Hence it is very much clear that you need to keep your pet on a flea treatment throughout the year to ensure that fleas stay away from your pet. Moreover clean your house with a vacuum cleaner and wash clothes that your pet uses with warm water to terminate flea eggs and larvae from the surroundings. Reference:

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