Unit 3 What are you doing for vacation

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Unit 3 What are you doing for vacation?


What can we do for vacation? travel, go to the summer camp, play soccer, visit friends or folks, go fishing, go swimming, play computer games, stay at home, surf the Internet, go shopping, go to the movies, go to the beach, go to the library, study for exams ……


What are they doing for vacation? going hiking; having a picnic; going to the lake; going fishing and boating; visiting the Summer Palace, the Palace Museum


the Summer Palace 颐和园 the Palace Museum 故宫 the Temple of Heaven 天坛 the Great Wall 长城 the Amusement Park 游乐场 the Ming Tombs 十三陵 Yuanming Yuan 圆明园


现在进行时态 I am watching TV now. I am watching TV this weekend. Be quiet. The baby is sleeping. They are going to Tibet for vacation. 表示将来


Lin’s Plans for Vacation Lin is going to Hong Kong for vacation. He is visiting his uncle there because he misses his uncle very much. His parents are going with him and they are going there by plane. They’re leaving for Hong Kong on September 30th and staying there for about six days. During the six days Jim is going sightseeing with his uncle in the beautiful city and playing a lot of games there.


What Where Why Who When How How long is Lin doing for vacation? is Lin going for vacation? is that? is going with him? is he leaving for Hong Kong? is he going there? is he staying there?


My Plans for Vacation I am going to _____ for vacation. I am going there because _______. __________ going with me and we are going there by ____. We’re leaving on _______ ______ and staying there for _______. During _______, we’re _______ and _______there.


What Where Why Who When How How long is he/she doing for vacation? is he/she going for vacation? is that? is going with him/her? is he/she leaving for _____? is he/she going there? is he/she staying there?




The Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet


Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco ( 2.7 km, 1936 )




The Sea in Hawaii Aloha!


Lake Superior (one of the Great Lakes)


zebra mussels The Ecology Disaster in the Great Lakes




He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man.


the morning/afternoon/evening the day/night June 1999 June, 1999 three days in 总结:一段时间,年份,月份和泛指的早午晚等用介词in。


at noon/night two o’clock 11:30 总结:具体的时刻和某些固定搭配前用介词at。


Sunday the 12th Nov. 12th, 1999 Sunday morning a cold morning of last winter on 总结:星期、日期和具体的某一天及其早午晚用介词on。


2. today,yesterday,tomorrow,the day before yesterday,the day after tomorrow这几个词或短语前也不需要介词。 1. 由every,this/that,last/next 这几个词引导的时间状语前不需要搭配介词。 Eg. I saw an old man here last night. 3. yesterday evening 昨天傍晚 last night 昨天夜里


bored – boring interested – interesting relaxed – relaxing tired – tiring ed 表示自身感受 ing表示人或事物令他人感到…… I’m bored. 我很心烦。 He is a boring man./This book is boring.


help sb. (to) do sth. 帮助某人做某事 help sb. with sth. 在某方面帮助某人 help oneself to … 请尽情享用/慢用… can’t help doing sth. 忍不住做某事 I help my mother do housework on weekends. My brother always helps me with my math. Help yourself to some chicken, please. We can’t help laughing when we hear a joke.


want sth. want to do sth. want sb. to do sth. ask sb. (not) to do sth. ask sb. about sth. hope to do sth. hope (that) + 从句 注意: hope sb. to do sth. 这种用法不存在。


forget to do sth. 忘了去做某事 forget doing sth. 忘了做过某事 remember to do sth. 记得去做某事 remember doing sth. 记得做过某事 I’m sorry, teacher. I forget to bring my homework today. You know that? Oh, I forgot telling you the news before.


finish sth. 完成某事 finish doing sth. 完成做某事 He finishes his lunch in ten minutes. I finished this book. I finished reading this book.


Who is Pierre Lambert? What is he doing there? How long is he staying? When is he leaving? Why is he going to ____ ? Where did he think about going? Where is he going? What is Pierre doing this summer? 3a


Isabella Romero, the famous movie star, is taking a vacation. She is going to Hawaii. “I just finished filming my last movie”, she says. “I’m too tired and I really need to relax myself.” I asked her about her plans. “Well, I’m going swimming and scuba-diving. I’m also enjoying the seafood and Hawaiian hula. I want an exciting vacation!” 3b


This week, two students, Maggie from America and Tony form Britain, are coming to our school and they are spending the National Day Vacation with us. They have never been to China before and they need you to be their tour guide for a trip of three or four days in Beijing. Please plan carefully for the trip and we will find the best vacation plan for them.


Where are you going on Oct. ___? Why are you going ______? When/what time are you going _____? How are you going _______? What are you doing _______? How long are you staying _______? (What time are you leaving?) What and where are you eating? Suggest questions:


We are going to Tian’anmen on the morning of Oct. 1, because Tian’anmen is the symbol of Beijing. We’re starting off at 8:30 and taking the subway. I am showing them around Tian’anmen Square and taking photos for them. We are staying there for three hours and then we are having lunch nearby. I am introducing Beijing Roasted Duck to them. Sample


In the afternoon, we are visiting the Palace Museum. It is a group of great architects and they used to be offices and living rooms of past Chinese emperors. We are spending four hours there because it is really large. Then we are having supper in Wangfujing Street. There are a lot of delicious food from all over China.We’re coming back at 9:30.


On Oct. 2, we are visiting the Summer Palace. Because they may be tired after the first day, so we’re going somewhere nearby. The Summer Palace was a villa used to spend the hot summers in Beijing. We’re …


On Oct. 3, we are going to the Great Wall. It is one of the Seven Wonders in the world. Because it is in the suburb of Beijing, we have to set off very early, at about 5:45. We’re …


For the last day, we are visiting the Temple of Heaven, because … We’re ….

Extensive words: 

Extensive words Fragrant Hill Park 香山公园 Eight Sites Park 八大处公园 Botanical Garden 植物园 Grand View Garden 大观园 Great Bell Temple 大钟寺 CCTV Tower 中央电视塔 Confucian Temple 孔庙 Chinese Ethnic Culture Park 中华民族园


Yonghe Lamasery 雍和宫 Ancient Observatory 古观象台 Temple of Reclining 卧佛寺 Rose Valley 玫瑰谷 Longqing Gorge 龙庆峡 Juyong Pass 居庸关 Temple of Azure Clouds 碧云寺 Lingjiu Buddist Temple 灵鹫禅寺


一般将来时态的表示方法 will + 动词原形: 通常用于表示一般将来时。“will”前的主语可以是第一、二、三人称(当主语是第一人称时,也可以用第一人称+shall+动词原形来表示一般将来时)。


will + 动词原形 这种将来意义常常带有说话人的主观态度和看法,有时既表示将来,也表示“预见”。 The next train to Shanghai will leave at 9 p.m. You will feel better after having a good sleep We will /shall study hard this semester.


will + 动词原形 有时既表示将来,也表示“意愿”(willingness)或“意图”(intention)。 I will get to school on time next time. I promise! They will go and see Sally as soon as they get to Beijing. She will clean her room if she invites her friends to her house.


2. be going to+动词原形:也用于表示一般将来时。 be going to可以表示“意图”。 How long is he going to stay here? Are you going to visit Australia next summer holiday?


2. be going to+动词原形:也用于表示一般将来时。 be going to可以表示“预见”,即现在已有迹象表明将要发生或即将发生某种情况。 It’s already 7:30! I am going to be late for school today! Look at the black clouds in the sky. It is going to rain.


“will + 动词原形”和“be going to+动词原形”都可以表示“意图”,因此有时可以互换使用。 I won’t tell him about it.  I am not going to tell him about it


但是,用be going to表示的“意图”通常时事先经过考虑的,而“will + 动词原形”所表示的“意图”,则是说话时刻临时想到的,因此在某些语境中,这两种结构又不可以交换使用。


A: God! This box is terribly heavy! B: I’ll help you to carry it.(这里不宜用am going to替换) A: Why are you all sitting here in this room? B: We are going to have a meeting.(这里不宜用will替换)


3. be+动词ing形式: 用现在进行时态表达将来意味,主要意义是表示按计划、安排即将发生的动作,常用于位置转移的动词,如go,come,leave,start,arrive等,也可用于其它动态动词。 My mother is coming from Amoy to visit us this weekend. The plane is taking off at 10:55.


以上说的“安排”是指“肯定的安排”,即说话时刻之前已经决定了的安排。这种用法通常带有表示将来的时间状语,如果不带时间状语,则根据上下文也可表示即将发生的动作。 A: Where are you going? B: I’m going for a walk. Are you coming with me? A: Yes, I’m just coming. Wait for me.

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