Crystal Gifts - A Great Idea for a Great Occasion

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1. The Perfect Gift for Christmas 2. Best Ideas For Crystal Gifts 3. Personalized Christmas Gifts (3D Laser Gifts) 4. Laser Etched Crystal Gifts: A New Gifting Trend 5. Why Picture KeyChains as Party Favors Is A Great Idea Find out more at


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Crystal Gifts:

Crystal Gifts A Great Idea for a Great Occasion


Synopsis The Perfect Gift for Christmas Best Ideas For Crystal Gifts Personalized Christmas Gifts (3D Laser Gifts) Laser Etched Crystal Gifts: A New Gifting Trend Why Picture KeyChains as Party Favors Is A Great Idea

The Perfect Gift for Christmas:

The Perfect Gift for Christmas What is a 3D laser gift? If you have yet to hear of them, they are images that are laser etched into crystals. The beautiful, transparent pictures come in many different sizes and shapes, depending on where you shop. No need for a frame or picture hooks, but some websites offer a light base. A light base is a base that provides lighting for a 3D laser gift. It gives the crystal a glowing effect, making your image genuinely come alive while bringing out the tiniest of details in your picture. Why a 3D Laser Gift? Because they are customized, they will come from the heart and show the adornment you have for a fond moment or show a loved one how loved they indeed are. They also are creative gifts that can continue to give for years to come. Whom can I give these gifts? These gifts can be given to anyone. There are no specific age group, generation, or gender. You can give them to the family you rarely see, kids going off to college, parents or grandparents in nursing homes to make them feel more at home, or even your significant other. These presents can be appreciated by everyone. Who would not admire a monument full of love and adornment, made especially for them ?

Best Ideas For Crystal Gifts:

Best Ideas For Crystal Gifts Crystalized Christmas Ornaments and Decorations What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a customized crystal ornament for decorating your tree. You can have a family photo etched onto the crystal with a date and custom message inscribed on it as well. You can even have several made and sent to family and friends in lieu of the traditional Christmas card for a gift that will last longer and be reusable for many years to come. If you are celebrating a different holiday during the season, you can have other personalized crystals made that make great table pieces or wall hangings that you can put in your home or share with others . Custom Crystal Awards and Trophies Ditch the boring old standard gold trophies and wooden plaques for the newest trend. You can have customized awards or trophies made out for employee functions or sports events that feature names, achievements, logos, and even pictures. The recipients will love having something unique to hang around the office or put on the shelf at home .

Best Ideas For Crystal Gifts:

Best Ideas For Crystal Gifts 3D Laser Etched Artwork You can really make a bold statement in your home with artwork that has been 3D engraved into crystal. Many customized crystal manufacturers can etch 3D artwork into crystals of various shapes and sizes that you can put on display for an eye-catching accent to your home or office. You can even get lighted bases that make the image inside the crystal really stand out. You can select from a wide range of pre-selected designs or create your own . Custom Etched Photo Crystals for Any Occasion One of the best gifts you can give is a great and fun moment etched into a long-lasting crystal. Great for gifts any time of the year, you can give someone a great gift featuring a moment between you and the recipient. Or share pictures of your children with their grandparents and other family. You can also have the images engraved or even etched in 3D.

Personalized Christmas Gifts (3D Laser Gifts):

Personalized Christmas Gifts (3D Laser Gifts ) A personalized Christmas gift can be a 3D laser gift for anyone in your family. A 3D laser etching in a crystal can sit beautifully on your Grandparents’ mantle, elegantly as a paperweight on your spouse’s office desk, or serve as an eye catching custom key chain for your mother. You can create a personalized Christmas ornament for your family to use year after year, to make Christmas even more special. You can create a personalized Christmas gift which is both tasteful and unique. While out of the ordinary, crystal etchings are clearly thoughtful customized art pieces that can fit anyone on your Christmas gift. More substantial than a traditional photo, 3D laser gifts can include text as well as a skillfully recreated photograph on most any 3D shape you can imagine. Work with a team of artists to create the perfect gift for your loved one, and you won’t be sorry. The quality of these crystal images will astound anyone who beholds them. Not to mention that it’s as simple as uploading a photograph and choosing your shape !

Laser Etched Crystal Gifts: A New Gifting Trend:

Laser Etched Crystal Gifts: A New Gifting Trend Crystal gifts are extremely popular during the holidays, as many people are aiming to commemorate there time together with a long-lasting gift to celebrate the season. You can immortalize your family moments onto a holiday themed crystal piece that you can reminisce over year after year. There is no need to worry about fading or discoloration like with photos. Another common holiday crystal gift is a customized tree ornament featuring a photo of loved ones or children. Put your family on the tree every year with one of these great ornaments, or send one with each of the kids on them to family members so they can enjoy a unique and fun Christmas present . Crystal gifts are most often used with personal photos, which makes it a great intimate or sentimental gift to give to someone. A great photo of children or grandchildren etched into crystal make great gifts for parents and grandparents. You can even give a personalized crystal to celebrate an anniversary or to give to a newly married couple for a wedding present. No matter the occasion, crystal gifts are a great way to give someone an exceptional present they won’t forget. Crystal gifts also make great gifts for corporate events. Why hand out boring old plaques that will gather dust on the shelf when you can give your team an award that will be the centerpiece of their office? You can put company logos or even a picture of your group in 3D form into a great looking crystal that will mean a lot to the recipient .

Why Picture KeyChains as Party Favors Is A Great Idea:

Why Picture KeyChains as Party Favors Is A Great Idea Having a pictured keychain as a gift for people attending your party is a great way to say thank you. This is because the key chains not only hold keys everyday but also, are able to hold a photo that will remain in your guest’s minds for a long time to come. What you want to achieve with a party favor is not only a good memory about the event that happened in your house but also to create memories about the party in your guests mind. This will help keep the party alive for months or even years to come. The good thing is that there are many keychain design and sizes to choose from and it is important to make your choice well. You can choose to have pictures on booth sides of the chain and if you choose to have it only on one side, you can have special words printed on the other side of the keychain. This is important for it will create lasting memories for your guests. You can also have the keychain embossed with the date of that special event and this will add to the value of the gift. In addition, you should consider packing the gift in a special box as this will make it presentable. If possible, add the name of the event as well as a suitable ribbon on the box to make it appealing.

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