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My powerpoint on conventions


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Magazine Construction:

Magazine Construction


Conventions What you get on front covers

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FREE – Live music downloads 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 8. 9. 10. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Masthead Kicker Cover Line Secondary Lead Plug Graphic Feature or Puff Selling Line or Banner Tagline Feature Article Photo Anchorage Flash Menu Strip Bar Code Date Line 11. Headline Caption 7. Web-links? Ears?

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The selling line and banner are the same here but the difference is that the banner acts more as a slogan e.g. ‘Life is loud’ whereas the selling line highlights a major selling point of the magazine.

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Other features include the plug (used to indicate the presence of some kind of freebie through buying the magazine) and the caption (used to comment on any additional photographic material such as the secondary lead).

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FREE – Live music downloads 1. 2 . 3. 4. 5. 6. 8. 9. 10. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Masthead Kicker Cover Line Secondary Lead Plug Graphic Feature or Puff Selling Line or Banner Tagline Feature Article Photo Anchorage Flash Menu Strip Bar Code Date Line 11. Headline Caption 7. Web-links? Ears?

Conventions Notes:

Conventions Notes T he masthead of the magazine helps the reader indicate which type of music genre it focuses on. It can also be recognised as it usually indicates some sort of logo. The anchorage helps to add meaning as it is linked to the Feature article photo, the anchorage usually explains the photo with the name of the band/ musician. The anchorage can help the reader relate to the image because it advertises the person(s) in the photo or can be the logo of the band/ musician. The Kickers and taglines advertise the magazine and certain contents; the magazine on the previous page advertises breaking bad the TV series and other numerous artists, The Tagline makes a bold, confident statement, which says a lot about the magazine The most important thing on the cover in my opinion is the featured article photo, its of great importance and it stands out, everything is also orientated around the image, although the masthead does stand out against the cover, as its supposed to grab you attention with the vibrant colouring and its there to be recognised. Quite casual language/ tone is used throughout the cover, easy to understand for everyone You get the impression from the photographic style that the artist is important because the shot is from a slightly low angle looking down as his head is tilted, this makes him seem superior A colour scheme of red, black and white was used, simple yet effective


Design How front covers are conceived and laid out

Different Approaches:

Different Approaches

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Dead Space White Space Dead space areas need filling whereas white space areas can look effective when used correctly as a spacer to divide up text without using an image


Mastheads Mastheads on magazines tend to fit into set categories: the banner style, the stamp, the artistic and the genre-specific. Stamp: Banner:

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Rule of thirds

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A powerful image is used Colour, and not just size helps to order the information; it is central to the design Graphic features tend to fit into a clear, recognised style. Use of white space and dead space is clearly controlled Poster Style

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FREE – Live music downloads Busy Style Full use of the conventions Everything is neat and controlled Sizing and the major and minor elements reveals importance The house style is well supported by both text and image communicating the same messages; 3-4 colours and 3-4 fonts used maximum

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Direct mode of address can appear ‘ in yer face’ , serious, warm… Indirect mode of address can be mysterious, lively, sombre… Creates a wacky, fun image, sharing an identity with the reader that offers the ‘independence’ of indie music. Enigma – what are they getting up to now?

House Style & Design Notes:

House Style & Design Notes COLOUR - Is a colour scheme used? Is it the same with every issue or switch according to the images? Is there a pattern as to where colour is used? Does colour have its own meaning? FONTS - Roughly how many different fonts (not sizes) are used? Can you link the same fonts with the same conventions? STYLE - What look and feel is created? How much does the cover image contribute to this? What photographic techniques are used? Describe the mode of address and overall look e.g. invitational, mysterious etc . Is a theme used e.g. futuristic? Does an enigma prompt the reader to ask questions? USE OF SPACE - How has the rule of thirds been used? Does the left-third dominate? Is the use of space typical e.g. masthead top-left, headline sitting at the bottom of the mid-third etc .? Is it spread out, blocky, chaotic? Is there any dead space or white space? CONCLUDE – Why do you think it is designed as it is? Does it reinforce or challenge the typical conventions? Is it: poster-style, busy , loud, inyerface , smooth, slick, stylish, fun etc .?

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