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GLG Accounting is a premier firm for Chicago tax preparation, and we have spent years putting together the best team of corporate accountants. Our team has a diverse set of skills, so we can help you with many other tax services. We hope you will see us as your “one-stop shop” for all your accounting and taxation needs. If you want more information about our Chicago tax preparation services, get in touch with us today!


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Almost every Chicago Tax Preparation Management Firm offers solutions for those who are owing the IRS money. Tax debt is the name of a worst case scenario and every taxpayer should avoid ending up in any such situation. We know it is a reality of life and sometimes things start getting out of control. In case if you owe a lot of tax debt then stop worrying and start thinking about a feasible damage control strategy. The Foremost important thing to be discussed here is the rebuttal of a common mistake and approach. Taxpayers who fail in submitting their taxes or discharging their duties towards the state usually starts avoiding the IRS. Many of them stop their tax returns preparation and submission. According to their thinking and understanding it is something that is not going to create any different. STOP – don’t consider the filing of tax returns as an unimportant when you cannot pay off whatever you owe to the IRS. In this way you are making the thing more complicated. Have a Huge Tax Debt – What Next

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Contact reputable someone from the Chicago Tax Preparation Firms likes GLGAccounting.Com . Speak your heart out. Tell them what were and what are the issues and circumstances that kept you from submitting the taxes. Believe us they are going to come up with kind of a solution. They are capable and they have done it much time before. In some cases efficient tax lawyer manages to bring hundred percent relief for their clients. Well don’t anticipate anything like this – we are not trying to be enthusiastic. This happens and everyone knows but in a few cases only. The IRS is an organization that does not want to lose even a single penny. They usually try to pursue their case cleverly. In most cases you would feel them interested towards settling of issues. Thus the combination of your willpower and the effectiveness of a good Chicago Tax Preparation firm are going to do the magic for you. Common Nightmares – Audits Investigations Sometimes even more problematic issues come in the life of a taxpayer. IRS audits and tax crime investigations are the most common examples. Any such thing brings several other connected issues and troubles. Believe us a good Chicago Tax Preparation firm can defend you your rights and interests even in these cases. However you have to keep your nerves strong. There is no need to talk to the IRS auditors and investigators. Luckily the law has provided you with a provision and power for staying quite. Just tell them about your intentions to interact with them through a lawyer or attorney. Don’t answer their questions directly and verbally. At the end of the day a slight slip of your tongue can change the course of the entire investigation or audit. Troublesome Foreign Accounts

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Here another important thing to be mentioned is that the declaration of undisclosed financial wealth. Either you kept it hidden intentionally or because of your ignorance you have done a crime. The IRS and FinCEN are two entities that are working as a watchdog. Believe they are not going to spare anyone who shifted his or her assets into a foreign country or a tax heaven. Recently we heard about Panama Leaks. Now every citizen of the United States of the America whose name is there in that leaked document is going to face a tough time. A better way to cope and to deal with this kind of an issue is to seek the collaboration of a Chicago Tax Preparation firm. They know about several options available like OVDP and the filing of amended tax returns. In our view it is better to proceed with an engineered and controlled disclosure. Don’t take too many risks. Especially when we have such an eminent industry like Chicago Tax Preparation industry available. Chicago Tax Preparation Website: Address: 400 Central Ave Suite 340B Northfield IL 60093 Phone Number: 312 754-9377 Email:

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