How to Critique a Quantitative Research Article: 10 Simple Steps

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How to Critique a Quantitative Research Article : 10 Simple Steps


Quantitative research article is an article reporting on data collected using scientific experiment (based on primary or secondary Data. Since 1950s this type of work counts as the most prestigious kind of article to be published, as it’s allow to make a withdrawal and break into the vital area of science.


During all the process of writing such article you have to be highly concentrated and focused. Every single detail means a lot .


No matter how hard is your level, such work need to be done at the best way, as this work will be on the free access and hundreds of people could see it .


Do you want to fall on your face because of some mistypes or wrong formatting? I don’t think so and prepared list of tips for you in order to avoid any kind of confusion.


First of all you have to pick up the most appropriate topic for you. It must be unique, interesting and relevant to your current sphere.


You may be interested in fashion industry, but if you are getting education in Medicine school it’s much better to search for critiquing nursing research then for some designers articles.


The next step is discussion with your supervisor or any another expert in this sphere. You must to aware of all requirements and if you are not sure about them you may check Stanford ’s, Oxford ’s, Harvard ’s or Cambridge ’s sites and take a look at the main instructions for such type of work at these universities.


Also, during this step it’s really important to get approvement of your topic from the professor before starting the project


Furthermore, it could be much helpful if you could arrange the consultation with your mentor and ask him to provide you with an approximate plan of your research in order don’t get lost in your minds.


Moreover, you have to confirm which Data should be used in your paper. Actually, there is only who option: primary and secondary Data.


In the first case you will have to arrange your own research and in the second case you will need to search for useful information in previous publications (so your work will be based on someone’s results)


You will need to collect Data and research critique paper will be useful for you.


Taking a look at someone's result in order to avoid repetitions of the same mistakes is one of the most important things in your assignment.


While reading quantitative research critique paper you will get an understanding of the process and what’s the main keypoint of this assignments. You will know which parts require special care and which of them can be done half-heartedly.


By the way, when your research will be done you could try your hand at critiquing qualitative research and underline the strengths and weaknesses of your paper in order to be ready to the presentation of your work.


Thank you for your attention, hope this material was helpful for you.


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