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Plot map of THROUGH THE LOOKING-GLASS by: Lewis Carroll


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Through the Looking-Glass RISING ACTION: Alice follows a white rabbit down a hole, winds up in a garden in side wonderland with some unusual things EXPOSITION: This book took place in England. Alice follows the white rabbit down a hole then finds her self in a wonderland with the Red Queen, White Queen, Mad Hatter, Cheshire, and The blue caterpillar CLIMAX: who stole the tarts? Alice got blamed for steeling the Red Queen’s tarts so they had court in the castle and for Alice grew extremely tall within seconds, and the Queen wanted her beheaded. Falling Action : Alice got back home ( she thought ) but it turns out that she was at the looking glass house, were everything got confusing. CONFLICT: Alice is trying to find a way home and find out why she's important to everything in wonderland . Resolution: Alice found her way home, then realized that everything was just a dream.