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CAD Deziners CAD Deziners offer high precision 3D scanning as per your requirements. We also offer full body scans and reverse engineering services. 3D Scanning: 3D scanning services is becoming more and more prevalent day by day. It has found its use in numerous industrial applications. At CAD Deziners our first and foremost objective is to understand your application and deliver results accordingly. Our scanning products are being used in various sectors like education engineering architecture art history designing. In the field of education 3D scanning has become very useful for school children by helping them create distinctive models. 3d laser scanning services is a very fun and interactive way of making subjects like physics math and anatomy a lot more interesting by providing them a 3D view of different objects. It

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can make teaching easy for teachers and concepts clearer to students. Students can have a detailed understanding of concepts like gravity or studying different parts of body using 3D animations of scanned objects. This can help in increasing creativity and innovation among students. We at CAD Deziners understand the needs of the students very well. That’s why we offer special discounts to students. The ability to scan and visualize models and sculptures in high detail makes scanning very popular in architecture industry. With 3D scanning you can fully analyze the data and modify it with the help of CAD as per your requirements. This can make reverse engineering and rapid prototyping much easier. Our engineers can perform detailed measurements and make required changes in the design properties. High quality designs can be created through scanning by modifying them as per the requirements. CAD Deziners have been helping various architectural and engineering industries by providing them high quality scanning solutions. Address: 62/135 Cardigan St Carlton Vic 3053 - Australia Tel: +61 3 9113 9408. Email:

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