Different Methods Of Destructing The Old Hard Drive

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Website-: www.tryc2.com Contact us-: 1 540-955-5740 Mail ID-: infotryc2.com Address-: 51 Station Rd Berryville Virginia Different Methods Of Destructing The Old Hard Drive Data security has become one of the hottest topics and for a good reason. After all some of the most prominent organizations in the world have been victims of data breaches. Organizations regardless of their scale of operations need to take measures to keep the data safe. Though cyber security firms and IT specialists are your first line of defence in case of data breaches they cannot do much to protect data on your hardware that has already been decommissioned. The only way to protect your data on the unwanted hard drives is to destroy them digitally or physically. Digital Destruction of Data Here are the four options that you have when you want to destroy your hard drive digitally.  Wiping  Erasure  Sanitization And  Overwriting Doing any of these means that the data is lost for right from your hard drive and it cannot be recovered by anyone. For taking the right Asset Recovery Measures you can also opt for overwriting. Overwriting is basically erasing the hard drive by writing over the exiting data with binary codes. Even sanitizing and wiping hard drives are good options before you decide to discard your old hard drive. You can go for erasure if you want to use that hard drive one more time before discarding it. Keep in mind that formatting or reformatting your hard drive does not give the same results as wiping it. Formatting or reformatting will only end up hiding the data but it will not wipe it clean. So it will not be of much help basically in terms of

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Website-: www.tryc2.com Contact us-: 1 540-955-5740 Mail ID-: infotryc2.com Address-: 51 Station Rd Berryville Virginia Asset Recovery Measures.Physical Destruction of Data Physical destruction of the hard drive is the best possible method that you have of cleaning the drive. You can physically destroy your hard drive by breaking or shredding it and the latter is the most common approach in this regard. The Shred Data Destruction Virginia Shreds your hard drive and so there is no way for anyone to recover information from it any longer. There are services that offer Shred Data Destruction Virginia and you can also get your own hard drive shredders. But it is better to take help from a company to make sure that the shredding is thorough and effective. The modern hard drives make it difficult to shred because data remains stored behind integrated circuits. The companies that deal with hard drive destruction know how to get to those circuits and carry out a non-stop work. You can choose any of the methods to destruct your hard drive. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that deleting the data is no guarantee of its removal.

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