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Our Final Pitch:

Our Final Pitch


Dreamers In the world there are certain people who are born with an ability to affect the real world in their dreams. Anything that happens to their body while in a dream happens in real time as well; therefore if they’re punched in the face in a dream then they will wake up with a black eye. This also applies to people that they dream of, if they’re a real person and the Dreamer does something to change another’s body in some way then their body will be changed in real life. As the Dreamers’ bodies will be effectively in their dreams which is why what they dream can affect their body, in real time they can’t then be hurt from anything in the outside world whilst they’re dreaming. This ability can potentially be used to cure people of illnesses if the Dreamer can imagine the person and dream up a medicine that will fix it. However, they can also use this ability to murder others and get away with it as there’ll be no trace of them left with the body in the real world if they’ve killed them in a dream .


For years the Dreamers have been allowed to live amongst normal people peacefully as the damage they could do with their powers was limited as they couldn’t choose what they dreamt about. This was until a Dreamer, Isaac, invented a machine that allowed him to create dreams and then induce others into the dream. His intentions for this machine were good as he got together a team of Dreamers who could then go into dreams together and give people medication and food where it was needed. To be part of this group they had to agree to the rules which the leader made to make sure they wouldn’t abuse their ability to do evil, the main rule is that they can’t harm another person in a dream where it would affect them in real life unless the other person is conscious in the dream as well . Unfortunately , there are other groups of Dreamers as well, one of these groups are a terrorist organisation. After Isaac found out that his second in command wanted to use the machine for her own revenge he had to make her leave the group so she went to the terrorist Dreamer group and told them about the machine that Isaac was building as she knew that this would lead to them hunting Isaac’s group down to use the machine in their own twisted way. The government also know about the machine and they recognise the threat that it creates, therefore they’ve put in place a movement to get rid of all Dreamers in order to eradicate the problem. As the Dreamers’ brains work differently the government have been able to create a radar that picks up a frequency that tells them where Dreamers are based on their brain activity making it easier for them to find Dreamers. As the Dreamers become hunted it becomes much harder for them to keep doing the good deeds that the machine was made for and the life they envisioned starts falling apart. Liv turns out to be an undercover agent working for the government to find information out on the Dreamers. She manages to convince the government that the Dreamers can help the government so the Dreamers become a government organisation .

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