13 Outstanding Cocktail Bars in Ann Arbor


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Taste of Ann Arbor's Best In Show ... Outstanding Cocktail Bars ... most comfortable producing a farm-to-table menu, believing it's what makes the best tasting food.


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w w w . b y t h e s i d e w a l k . c o m 13 OUTSTANDING COCKTAIL BARS IN ANN ARBOR

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www.bythesidewalk.com 1. The Last Word

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www.bythesidewalk.com 2. Ann Arbor Distilling Co.

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www.bythesidewalk.com 3. Alley Bar

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www.bythesidewalk.com 4. Nightcap

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www.bythesidewalk.com 5. Black Pearl

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www.bythesidewalk.com 6. The Ravens Club

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www.bythesidewalk.com 7. The Bar at 327 Braun Court

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www.bythesidewalk.com 8. Mash

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www.bythesidewalk.com 9. Aventura

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www.bythesidewalk.com 10. Knights Downtown

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www.bythesidewalk.com 11. Good Time Charleys

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www.bythesidewalk.com 12. Dolores

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www.bythesidewalk.com 13. Ollie Food + Spirits

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