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“Best burgers in Toronto! Most tasty and reasonably priced! Try their triple patty sometime when you're starved or after a great workout!


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RUDY 1. “I frequently get asked which I prefer: Holy Chuck or the Burger’s Priest. But ever since Rudy opened a couple of years ago I have an easy answer: neither. The correct answer to this and to any question regarding where the most delicious burger can be procured in Toronto

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2. MUSEUM TAVERN “Museum Tavern serves the type of Big-Mac-inspired concoction that you can get at so many restaurants around the city so you’d think that it wouldn’t be anything special—and you’d be dead wrong. If you’re going to get a Big-Mac pretender this is absolutely the one to get. It’s one of those rare hamburgers where I wouldn’t change a single thing.

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3. BYMARK “Is the burger at Bymark absurdly expensive Yes. But is it also absurdly good You bet. It’s easy to quibble with the 40 price tag—until you take a bite. It’s big beefy and luxurious and manages to have an amazing steak-like richness while retaining all of the other qualities that make a burger so great.”

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4. HOLY CHUCK “Holy Chuck and the Burger’s Priest are the OGs of the new-wave smashed-and-griddled burger joints in the city. And while they’re both quite good these days I have to give the edge to Holy Chuck. In particular their namesake burger is a greasy gooey mélange of tender beef melty cheese and sweet caramelized onions. It’s amazing.”

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5. KITSON AND CO. “It’s kind of sad that a sandwich shop is putting so many dedicated burger joints to shame but that’s exactly what Kitson and Co. is doing. Their classic double cheeseburger is as delicious as it is substantial. Bring your appetite.”

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6. BATCH “You wouldn’t necessarily expect the burger at Batch a corporate brewpub to be as great as it is. But the cheeseburger here made with dry- aged beef is far far better than it has any right to be. Even if you have no interest in beer it’s still worth a visit for the hamburger alone.”

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7. THE BURGER’S PRIEST “It’s hard to imagine this now but before the Burger’s Priest opened their first location in 2010 finding a decent griddled hamburger in Toronto was surprisingly difficult. Without the Priest the burger trend probably wouldn’t have hit the city as hard as it did it’ll always have a special place in my heart for that alone. And though I think the quality has gone downhill since the heady days of their lone east-end outpost it’s still pretty great.” Various locations

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8.THE FEDERAL “The Federal’s Five Guys Burger is another one of those kitchen sink numbers that at first glance looks cluttered with superfluous toppings— but it works. Even with bacon cheese pickles multiple sauces and caramelized onions the gloriously beefy patty still shines through and that’s no small feat.”

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9. THE CARBON BAR “A lot of barbecue joints in Toronto have a great burger on the menu—The Carbon Bar stands out by incorporating actual barbecue in the burger itself. The Carbon Bar’s Brisket Cheeseburger is topped with tender ultra-smokey slices of beef brisket. I’m normally not a fan of extravagantly- topped hamburgers but even a purist like me can’t deny that what they’re serving here is delicious.”

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10. SKYLINE RESTAURANT “Griddled burgers have become so ubiquitous in Toronto that a good grilled burger is almost a novelty. Griddled patties are great of course but sometimes you want that smoky char you can only get from the grill. Skyline Restaurant which seriously upped their game when they changed ownership a couple of years ago is the best in the city for this style of burger.”

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