Simple Nutrition Tips For Staying Healthy While Travelling


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These are some tips to stay on track with your health and nutrition while still enjoying the spontaneity and excitement of traveling to new places. Here are some healthy choices of food while you are travelling around. You can stay healthy with this amazing nutrition tips while travelling around.


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Travel Nutrition Tips To Help You Eat Healthy While Traveling

Slide 3: Whether heading out on a business trip or taking a vacation, even the most experienced travelers can fall off their nutrition game. Being away from home and routine is a powerful temptation to do too much, eat too much and throw caution to the wind .

Slide 4: Being prepared is your first step. You can still indulge in a nutritious diet while on the go.   Ready for more? We’ve outlined 20 nutrition tips for travel and fun healthy travel food ideas to help you plan accordingly to keep you happy, healthy and energized when your life takes you next on the road.

Slide 5: IN THE CAR It always happens… you’ve finally hit the road, but everyone in the car has a ravenous appetite. The last thing you need to have is an endless supply of junk food. Instead, pack a few snacks and easy meals. To keep things fresh, bring some airtight containers and a cooler along. Here are some foods to eat while traveling in a car:

Slide 6: Yogurt celery or baby carrots Sandwiches Hard-boiled eggs Quinoa black bean salad

Slide 7: ON THE PLANE While most airlines don’t provide healthy food choices, you can still plan ahead so that you can stay on track with your healthy eating goals. For long haul flights ask the airline ahead of time for a special meal. Instead of spending money on expensive, salty fast food at the airport or junk food on board, you can save time and money by being prepared.

Slide 8: Consider these healthy options next time you travel on a plane so when the flight attendant comes around passing out bags of pretzels, you’ll be able to reach for these healthy snack alternatives:

Slide 9: Rice cakes with almond butter Hummus Homemade trail mix Whole fruit

Slide 10: AT THE HOTEL Find out ahead of time if there is a supermarket nearby. The good news is there are supermarkets almost everywhere! Ask hotel staff for recommendations. You can also request a refrigerator or microwave in your room to keep anything that you've purchased from going bad. Stock your hotel refrigerator so you have snacks on hand when you get those late-night munchies.

Slide 11: Milk Pre-cut veggies Bread Whole grain cereal

Slide 12: BY THE SHORE When you need energy for a long hike, a long drive, or a day at the beach, make sure your diet includes high-quality, lean protein. It’s important to eat balanced meals throughout the day, but not having protein can leave you worn out before your time. Get a good dose of lean protein such as eggs or tofu and add some veggies to your plate. Be sure to include some of these healthy foods choices:

Slide 13: Sushi Collard Green wraps Whole grain crackers Poached eggs Wholegrain pasta salad

Slide 14: DINING Depending on your accommodations, you might or might not have access to a kitchen. Modern vacation rentals and many Airbnbs can set you up with all the kitchen amenities of home. This is usually the least expensive option compared to a normal hotel – by far! Here are some smart healthy choices for dining while traveling:

Slide 15: Tofu Egg salad Steamed vegetables Brown rice Wholegrain pasta

Slide 16: No kitchen? Search out healthy restaurant options close to the hotel. At By The Sidewalk, we have designed our food tours for you to explore the coolest neighborhoods through the medium of food. Tastings have been meticulously paired with history, art, architecture and garnished with stories which will leave lingering memories.

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