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Michigan is a very beautiful and lively & fun city. West Michigan has something worth celebrating any time of year. Here is a list of some places to visit in Michigan and different ways to know Lansing, Michigan.


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Slide 1: Welcome To By The Side Walk Food Tours

Slide 2: Five Ways To Get To Know Lansing, Michigan

Slide 3: Lansing, the state capital, offers the best of both worlds: the cozy style of the Midwest of the United States and the refined comforts of a state capital. Below you will find a guide to explore this lively center, its artistic neighborhoods and its diverse attractions.

Slide 4: Destination: the center

Slide 5: In a radius of five blocks in the center of the city you will find five must see attractions: the neoclassical State Capitol Building, considered a National Historic Landmark;

Slide 6: The Impression 5 Science Center an interactive museum for the whole family; the Cooley Law School Stadium, home of the Lansing Lug nuts, a minor league baseball team;

Slide 7:

Slide 8: Gastronomy, Liquors And Culture

Slide 9: Take one of the free pamphlets and collect the 12 stamps of the participating bars to win a souvenir. Lansing is also considered the capital of Michigan festivals. In addition, you can plan a trip to live one of the 60 annual events held here

Slide 10: Try everything that Michigan's favorite breweries, wineries and distilleries have to offer at Makers & Shakers Beer, Wine and Spirits Trail.

Slide 11: Four artistic districts REO Town Old Town East Lansing Downtown

Slide 12: If you're looking for colorful urban art and modern restaurants, your place is REO Town, where the REO Motor Car Company was originally located.

Slide 13: Old Town has long been the cultural district of Lansing, where old buildings today are displayed as galleries, fashion shops, bars and restaurants.

Slide 14: In East Lansing, take a look at the museums, galleries and campus of Michigan State University.

Slide 15: Downtown corresponds to what is expected of a true center of a city, since it has cultural scenarios and places to shop. Here you can also enjoy gastronomy.

Slide 16: The Lansing River Trail

Slide 17: Even in a city as lively as this you can enjoy the incredible outdoor panoramas in the more than 30 kilometers of trails arranged along the Grand River (Grand River) and the Red Cedar River (Red Cedar River).

Slide 18: Catch, run or walk stopping at the local landmarks located along the Lansing River Trail, including the historic stops of Old Town, the Lansing City Market, the downtown shopping district, the Potter Park Zoo and the Michigan State Museum.

Slide 19: College town entertainment

Slide 20: Michigan State University is not just for students. Go on a quiet stroll through the Beal Botanical Garden or the 4-H Children's Garden. You can explore the art and science of the MSU Museum, the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum and the Abrams Planetarium.

Slide 21: The Wharton Center for Performing Arts is the largest in the state and hosts more than 100 events each season, from Broadway musicals to dances, games and programs for the whole family.

Slide 22: Ann Arbor has a diverse international food scene, with over 300 restaurants offering fare ranging from authentic Ethiopian cuisine to scrumptious Eastern European food, and from award-winning Italian restaurants to delicious American classics. 

Slide 23: At By The Sidewalk, we have designed our Food Tours for you to explore the coolest neighborhoods through the medium of food . Tastings have been meticulously paired with history, art, architecture and garnished with stories which will leave lingering memories.

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