Development of an EBP Clinical Scholars Program

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Development of an EBP Clinical Scholars Program at Dartmouth-Hitchcock:

Development of an EBP Clinical Scholars Program at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Paula Johnson Franklin Pierce University NR690 Capstone


D-H is committed to providing high quality, patient centered care Recent selection of the Iowa Model for EBP Following IOM recommendations>90% practice should be evidence based by 2020 Barriers to implementation include lack of knowledge and lack of time Summary


0.2 FTE allocated by the OPN for EBP Clinical Scholars Program Aim of the project to create architecture and design of EBP Clinical Scholars program Goal>pilot in 2Q15 Identify short and long term goals for program Introduction


Literature review Best practices from Magnet designated organizations Alignment with organizational and nursing strategic plans Integration of Iowa Model of Evidence Based Practice to Improve Quality Outcomes tools and resources Method

Program Components:

Program overview and objectives Program application and selection process Program mentor development Program workshop development Planned program evaluation process Program Components


Program Metric Short Term Goal Long Term Goal Architecture of EBP Clinical Program Scholars ready to present to EBP and Research Committee for implementation     Identification of pre and post measurement tool for Scholar cohorts -10% Increase in self-efficacy score pre and post scholars program   10% increase from baseline 15% increase from baseline Number of abstracts submitted and accepted for presentation in local, regional and national programs; number of internal presentations, number of external presentations 4 15 Number of grants obtained for additional research or dissemination efforts 1 5 Number of mentors trained in the Iowa Model per calendar year 3 12 Number of EBP Clinical Scholars successfully completing program per calendar year Year 1: 2 Scholars, 4 hours/week, 6 month program Year 2: 2 Scholars, 4 hours/week, 4 month program 4 8 Number of projects that lead to a policy or procedure change per calendar year 4 15 Number of projects with a significant improvement in a patient outcome: clinical quality, patient experience, workplace 4 15 Number of Scholars who serve as mentors to future Scholars 4 20 Number of Scholars who pursue an advanced degree in Nursing 2 4 Metrics


Architecture of EBP Clinical Scholars Program ready to pilot 2Q15 Longer term goals include I ncreased number of scholars in each cohort with growth in capacity for mentors Development of regional institute for EBP to meet organizational mission for distinctive education and research and regional resource Refinement of program based on program outcome evaluation Examine opportunities to partner with SYNERGY at Dartmouth College to institute translational science methodology education into curriculum Conclusion

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