how to fix rattan garden furniture problems

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Want to fix rattan garden furniture problems yourself? Try these steps.


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How To Fix Rattan Garden Furniture Problems:

How To Fix Rattan Garden Furniture Problems


Quality rattan garden furniture are skillfully hand woven unto rust proof aluminium frames. They are designed to provide you with that classy elegant look and relaxing seating experience in your outdoor or indoor space for a long time. But as we know, most home furniture experience a great deal of everyday wear and tear when used overtime. With all the regular use of your rattan furniture, loosed or broken weave strands, loosed screws, tabletop or cushion stains; wobbly chairs due to uneven floors and scratched floors are all likely to happen. When this happens, do not despair because these are easily repairable. Below are some cheap, quick fixes to repair these problems.

Broken or Loose rattan strands:

Broken or Loose rattan strands We sometimes receive calls from our customers after years of using rattan furniture that some weave strands from their rattan furniture are broken. When this happens, you should quickly repair the damage before the strands start to work loose. To repair a loose strand of synthetic rattan furniture, just get Superglue from any high street shops and glued back into place. If there are pieces of weave missing, replace with new material, usually available from a craft outlet and online. Remove the broken piece to a safe part, measure an extra length of the new material to fill the gap and pull through with a fine-nosed pair of pliers. Glue the ends into place and allow to dry.

Loosed or worn out screws:

Loosed or worn out screws Sometimes the screws of your rattan furniture are loosed or worn out due to inordinate use or by moving your rattan furniture from different positions. This also can be easily repaired. When this happens, get an allenkey or a screwdriver and tighten the loosed screws. If the screws are worn out, remove the worn out ones and replace with new screws. Most rattan furniture sets usually come with extra screws. The advice is to keep these screws in a safe place for any future use. Usually, cello taping them under your furniture table or chairs is helpful to easily find them when you need them. Alternatively, you can purchase new ones from your local DIY shops. Remove the worn out screws and just screw the furniture parts tightly back together.

Worn out or loosed feet:

Worn out or loosed feet When one leg on a table or chair is shorter than the others due to worn out feet (or maybe due to uneven floors), then the furniture will rock up and down making unpleasant seating. This can be fixed easily without sticking papers under the table legs to wedge it. You can purchase new legs or plastic glides from any DIY store to replace the worn out ones. If a trip to the hardware store is out of the question, turn the table or chair over, put a blob of silicone sealant on the bottom of the offending leg, and let it dry. Then flip the table or chair over and it should be stable.

Stained cushion seat covers:

Stained cushion seat covers Candlelit or oil from dinners can sometimes leave an embarrassing wax spots on your rattan furniture or cushion covers. This should not cause you anguish; just freeze the wax with an ice cube in a plastic bag. When hard, the wax can be chipped off the furniture with the edge of any thin plastic object.

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