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slide 1: Interesting Facts about LEGO Lego has become one of the most popular and best-selling plastic building toys of all time. Lego pieces are fun to play with and kids find them very interesting. Why are most kids obsessed with them Because they can create anything they like using their creative side and letting their imagination run wild. But do you know anything about how Lego started off Let us give you a brief history of your favorite toy. In the 20 th century Lego began as a wooden toy that was originally created by a toymaker named Ole Kirk Christiansen in the year 1932. It continued to be sold as a wooden toy until the year 1947 when Lego emerged as the plastic toy that we play with today. With time it became recognized internationally. On top of that did you know Christiansen himself named the toy ‘Lego’ derived from the Danish words ‘leg godt’ which mean ‘play well’ He was unaware that this word actually means ‘I put together’ in Latin. Interesting right Learn more incredible and fun Lego facts below 1. Around 19 billion Legos are produced every year which means that the company makes 2.16 million per hour or 36000 per minute. 2. The procedure for producing Legos is so streamlined that only 18 Lego bricks out of 1 million go to waste because their quality is not top-notch. 3. There are approximately 915 million ways to join 6 Legos together.

slide 2: 4. There are about 62 Legos for every individual present on this earth. 5. On average almost 5 billion hours a year are spent by youngsters playing with Lego bricks. 6. 7 Lego sets are sold every second all around the world. 7. 400000 bricks were used in the making of the model that won the award for the largest Lego castle. 8. The British Association of Toy Retailers crowned Lego ‘Toy of the Century’ in the year 2000 as it was able to defeat Barbie the teddy bear and Action Man in popularity. 9. Germany is known for being the largest marketplace for Lego bricks in the world. 10. 3 of the oldest Lego sets were based on themes of town space and pirates. 11. Legos are made of ABS plastic which makes them non-recyclable. 12. There are about 400 million people in the world who have had the opportunity to play with Lego bricks. 13. The largest life-sized Lego house was made using 2.4 million bricks in 2009. 1200 volunteers were involved in constructing this house the dimensions of which are as follows: height - 4.69 meters 15 ft 4 in length - 9.39 meters 30 ft 9 in width – 5.75 meters 18 ft 10 in. 14. Kyle Ugone USA owns the largest complete Lego set collection – a whopping 1091 sets. 15. The world’s most popular and highest-selling Lego set is Mindstorms Robotics Invention System - more than 1 million have been sold to date 16. 465000 bricks were used to create the world’s highest Lego tower 94.3 ft. 17. 2.9 million bricks were used in the largest Lego construction. 18. 1.2 million bricks were used to produce the largest Lego image in the world. Have more facts about Lego that no one has ever heard of Share them with us in the comments below