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Sweden By: Brendan Prescod Sweden By Brendan Prescod

3 Historical Facts:

3 Historical Facts 1350: the Black plague “Svartedauen” swept Sweden killing 1/3 of its habitants. 1632-1654: Queen Christina rules Sweden. 1940: Sweden was forced to let German solders walk through their land.

Longitude and Latitude:

Longitude and Latitude The longitude of Sweden is 15.7591 E. and the latitude.59.2685 N.

3 physical features :

3 physical features Sweden is surrounded by the Baltic and North sea. Sweden’s mountains are 2’000 meters high (6’600 ft). Sweden has 97’300 lakes, larger then 2 achers.

Bordering countries :

Bordering countries Finland is the closest bordering country. Norway is the second. Denmark is the third.

Sweden’s capital city:

Sweden’s capital city Stockholm is Sweden’s capital city

Sweden’s map:

Sweden’s map

Sweden’s other large cities:

Sweden’s other large cities Sweden’s boarding cities are Gothenburg and Malmo.

Sweden’s population:

Sweden’s population Sweden’s entire population of 2012-2013 is about 9,540,065.

Sweden’s government:

Sweden’s government Sweden has a constitutional government/King.

Sweden’s head government:

Sweden’s head government Fredrik Reinfeldt is Sweden’s head of government.

Sweden’s chief spoken language:

Sweden’s chief spoken language Sweden’s spoken language is Runic Swedish and they speak English as well .

Sweden’s climate:

Sweden’s climate Sweden has very long days, and really short nights. It is usually cold most of the time.

Sweden’s religion:

Sweden’s religion Sweden's most worshiped religion is Christianity.

Sweden money:

Sweden money Swedish money Severige/ Krona is worth 16 cent in U.S. money.

Famous Sweden discoveries:

Famous Sweden discoveries Swedish scientist discovered the actions of a flowers sex life hence.

Sweden’s traditional food:

Sweden’s traditional food Sweden’s traditional food is mostly sea food but they also eat meatballs too.

Sweden’s festival celebration:

Sweden’s festival celebration Sweden is famous for the rock festival, which takes place each year.

Sweden’s national clothing:

Sweden’s national clothing Sweden’s national clothing is a bit similar to what the pilgrims wore. Other then the color though, the comparisons are the same.

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