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Whenever one thinks of curry, the first word that comes into people’s mind is Indian. Indian curries are envisaged all around the world because of them being spicy and full of flavour unlike curries of other nations’ like Thai and Chinese. Contact us at 613-695-9915 to get more info about cooking tips for Indian Curry.


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Top 6 Cooking Tips For Indian Curry | Brampton Foods Call Us : 613-695-9915


#1. Buy the Spices Spices have a great deal to do with Indian curry . So, your first step should be to buy small quantities of spices like; coriander seed, chilli powder, cumin seed, cardamom pods (green), turmeric powder, cinnamon sticks, fenugreek seeds, black peppercorns, cloves and mustard seeds (black) . Call Us : 613-695-9915


#2. Store them Properly Indian restaurants in Ottawa always advise to store the spices in airtight containers and keep them away from light or else they tend to deteriorate in taste and flavour quickly. A traditional Indian spice box can come extremely handy since it allows you to keep your most used spices at one place which makes cooking faster and less of a hassle.


#3. The Veggies! Vegetables play an essential role in Indian curries Call Us : 613-695-9915


#4. You Need Time Some curries demand the meat to be marinated and to be cooked slowly for long. Thus, the best way to get indulged in Indian cooking is to pour yourself a cup of tea or a glass of wine while you cook that delicious curry .


#5. Invest in Your Spices Best Indian takeouts will agree with the fact that Indian curries revolve around spices. Therefore, one should always go for individual spices rather than commercial curry powders . One can also bring a new aroma in his/her curry by toasting the spices in a fry pan or grinding it in a coffee grinder.


#6. Keep it Healthy Though cooks in Indian restaurants in Ottawa use ghee for frying, however, if you wish to stick to healthier norms then vegetable or corn oil is simply as good and does not add on to your weight. One should always remember that if he/she is making use of non-stick pan for cooking then they’ll require only a little quantity of oil.

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