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Summary Richard Stadler


Concerted Efforts : Industry & Household Translate learnings advice on food preparation (frying, toasting, baking, etc.) advice on storage of potatoes Communication to the consumer Consistent recommendations e.g. cooking instructions for fryers vs those on food packs Impact of the efforts to date by the food industry on the overall dietary exposure ?


Risk/Benefit Considerations Increased fat content at lower frying temperatures Loss of « desired » Maillard products Formation of other « undesired » compounds Increased sodium due to replacement of ammonium salts as chemical raising agents Loss of nutritional benefits when moving from full grain products to white flour to reduce acrylamide formation Important to evaluate foods & beverages as a whole


Challenges ahead No common solution possible Toolbox concept shows different measures and combination of measures required to achieve moderate reductions (dependent on the food category) In many food categories no reductions achieved so far (exhausting all currently available options at RM and processing stages) Need to address urgently possible measures at agronomical level that may – on a case-by-case basis and long-term - help to attain further potential reductions


CIAA Agenda Commitment of the Food Industry to investigate all possible avenues of reduction (incl. funding fundamental & applied research) Continue with the established momentum in finding practical solutions through the CIAA « Acrylamide Expert Group » Regular exchange of progress openly and trans-parently within the Expert Group and with all Stake-holders (networks, meetings, publications, etc.)

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