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https://www.blvdcenters.org/ .... LSD is one of the most powerful mind-altering drugs known to all aspects of the drug culture, including big pharmaceutical.In fact, depending upon who you speak with, a long-ago rumor of lore about acid was that its actual history comes from a union between big pharma and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to create a mind-altering drug for espionage purposes.


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Drug Abuse and Addiction Treatment Center:

Drug Abuse and Addiction Treatment Center Drugs are chemicals that act on the brain and body, causing different kinds of outcomes and effects.


Resources BLVD we honor this decision by providing the most comprehensive and integrative treatment and rehab available for addictive and co-occurring disorders. Our approach is evidence-based, trauma-informed, and client-centered. Through a combination of methods, we empower our clients with the most effective techniques for preventing relapse.

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ACID/LSD: THE MIND-OPENING DRUG TAKING THE TRIP LSD is one of the most powerful mind-altering drugs known to all aspects of the drug culture, including big pharmaceutical.


HOW LSD IS KNOWN ON THE STREET LSD is sold on the street in small tablets called microdots. It is also provided in capsule or gelatin squares which go by the name “window panes.” Acid is sometimes added to absorbent paper, then divided into small squares decorated with designs or cartoon characters. This form of LSD is commonly referred to as loony toons.


WHAT IS AN LSD “TRIP?” Those who are veterans of LSD usage call the experience of being on the drug a “trip.”

Throughout the duration of a trip, one’s mood could be joyful and ecstatic.:

Throughout the duration of a trip, one’s mood could be joyful and ecstatic. Trips last up to twelve hours. During this period, a person’s senses are increased to an higher level; colors are brighter, routine situations are much more intense, and the perception of time is distorted, which can make the trip seem much longer. However, much of this depends upon those who are around the person on acid. If the mood is somber or even morbid, the LSD trip may devolve into a “bad trip,” in which negative experiences take on a similar intensity as positive experiences.


DISTORTIONS, PERCEPTIONS AND HALLUCINATIONS Much of the acid experience involves visual disorders, sensory perceptions and hallucinations. Depending upon the user and their frame of mind, these experiences within the LSD experience can be pleasurable, so-described as “mind opening,” or overtly harrowing. VISUAL DISTORTIONS SENSORY PERCEPTIONS HALLUCINATIONS

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Visual distortions can appear in the form of an overlay or outline of geometric or swirling patterns. At other times, the distortions have been described as a change in the perceived size or shape of objects, while others on acid trips claim static objects such as walls, doors and ceilings appear to move or even breathe. VISUAL DISTORTIONS


SENSORY PERCEPTIONS Synesthesia can also occur while a person is on LSD. It is a situation when sensory perceptions cross channels in the brain. In short, what a person would usually smell, such as perfume, they might instead believe they hear. Or, in another instance, things that are usually only seen can now be tasted.


HALLUCINATIONS Hallucinations are another common experience in which objects or people are seen, although in reality, neither is truly present. To put it bluntly, you’re sensing things that aren’t there. These hallucinations can span the gamut of our five senses. They are instantaneous, yet for the moment one experiences a hallucination, they can be quite confusing.

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