4 Things You Should Avoid Doing after a two wheeler Accident


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4 Things You Should Avoid Doing after a two wheeler Accident:

4 Things You Should Avoid Doing after a two wheeler Accident

Fleeing away:

Fleeing away You may have heard of cases where the driver caused damage or put someone’s life at risk and fled the situation in order to stay safe from trouble. It is quite a common thing at least in our country. As a human being, you must never escape the situation and face it boldly. You must immediately stop your two wheeler and examine the situation properly. If your two wheeler has hit someone, you must instantly provide help in terms of taking the injured person to the nearest hospital. This gesture is good on humanitarian grounds but it will also save you later in case you get stuck in a police case.

Not informing the cops:

Not informing the cops Most people avoid informing the cops about the situation in order to stay safe. However, it is a rule that you must inform about any type of accident to the police. You cannot escape doing that as when you go for an accidental injury treatment, the hospital authorities will ask you for a police report. This also helps you at the time of filing a vehicle insurance claim. If the driver of another  two wheeler tries to settle things then and there, it is a signal that something is fishy and that his/her insurance policy has expired. Choosing not to inform the police might save you from a few minutes of trouble but will help you in the long run when you file a two wheeler insurance claim.

Overlooking the accident details:

Overlooking the accident details Besides staying present at the scene and informing the cops, you must start recording the incident carefully. You can start of by taking all the details of the other driver like name, address, insurance company details and policy number. Getting these details will help you getting compensation in the long run.

Avoiding the necessary formalities:

Avoiding the necessary formalities Most two wheeler insurance companies do not give much time to file a claim. As soon as you meet with an accident, you must file your claim.

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