4 Interesting Ways To Use Copper Serving Tray In Home Décor

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Professional chefs have always preferred copper mixing bowls over regular bowls as no other container gives them lush, stable peaks of meringue they can whip up in a copper bowl. This solid copper beating bowl will make your eggs lighter and fluffier for any dish you make. These Copper bowls can also be used as egg bea.


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4 Interesting Ways To Use Copper Serving Tray In Home Décor For normal people copper serving tray can only be used for serving drinks. But for the ones who have a creative eye not only hammered copper serving tray but any copper tray can be used to beautify the house even more. Copper serving tray is not just a vessel like other kitchen utensils but can be a beneficial addition to your home décor. Today we will tell you about the top 4 creative ways using which you’ll be able to use your copper serving tray in an innovative manner. Firstly if you have a coffee table that holds remote controls magazines or other bits and bobs then transform that clustered space into a much organized space by placing a hammered copper serving tray on that coffee table and then placing all the items on it. This will not only give a neat and clean look to your table but make it easy to clean as well. Secondly you can use a command hook to stick your copper serving tray on the accent wall of your bedroom or in the living room. Also you can mix and match copper trays of different sizes to form an artistic look on the walls. Thirdly if you are a woman that has a huge collection of jewelry you can simply place a hammered copper tray on your vanity and place your bracelets stand or jewelry pieces directly onto the tray. This will give a crisp look to your vanity and speed up your getting ready process because you’ll be able to see all your jewelry items infront of you. Lastly hammered copper serving tray appropriate as per the size of your dining table can be placed at the center of the table to give it an organized look. You can place flower vases decorative pieces fake plants or candles on this tray to always keep your dining table presentable. So how were these ideas Did you ever imagine you could use your boring copper serving tray in so many interesting ways So use these tips now and make your cozy home even more beautiful.