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Trip to England !!!!!!!:

Trip to England !!!!!!!


Trip We started at 4 pm in front of the school. We took the coach and went to Calais to take the shuttle. We arrived at 9 a.m in Dover.

Dover Castle:

Dover Castle In the morning, we visited Dover castle. In Dover castle, we saw the secret tunnel of the Second World War. It was interesting but I was very tired. At lunch, we went to MacDonald. I didn't like MacDonald but I was very hungry.

Canterbury and met the host family:

Canterbury and met the host family In the afternoon, we went to Canterbury. We visited the cathedral. It was big and old. I liked the stained glasses. It was very beautiful. At 7 pm we met the host family. I was with Elodie in the house of Maureen Toohey.


London On tuesday morning, our family drove Elodie and me to the car park of the supermarket at 8 am Then we went to London to visit the city in coach. It was funny and the guide was nice. We ate in St James Park.

The British Museum:

The British Museum In the afternoon, we went to the British Museum. In it, we discovered the culture of the Egyptian. I liked because I loved the culture of the Egyptian

Leeds Castle:

Leeds Castle On wednesday morning, we went to Leeds Castle. But it was raining. The castle was very beautiful because the architecture was good. After the lunch we were allowed to do the maze I liked the castle and I loved the maze.

Royal Tunbridge Wells:

Royal Tunbridge Wells In the afternoon, at 4.30 pm we went to Royal Tunbridge Wells but we didn't visit, we were allowed to go shopping

The Royal Pavilion:

The Royal Pavilion On thursday morning, we went to the Royal Pavilion. The Royal Pavilion was big and very beautiful. The architecture of the Pavilion from China. The Banqueting room was really impressive. I liked the Royal Pavilion


Brighton In the afternoon, we went to Brighton where we had 3 hours for shopping. I loved the waves. It was very beautiful. At 5.30 pm we ate at MacDonald.

Back to the Salvetat St Gilles :

Back to the Salvetat St Gilles After diner,we came back by coach for a long travel. Next Day we arrived at 3.30 pm.